Tuesday, October 11, 2016

6 Body Language Mistakes You must Absolutely Avoid in Front of Women !!

man picking his nose , 6 Body Language Mistakes You must Absolutely Avoid in Front of Women

Body language matters a lot when you are with a woman and are having a conversation with her. Your posture, your body movements, eye contact, everything counts and creates an impression about you. Making mistakes with your body language would give out wrong signals. Here are 6 body language mistakes you must absolutely avoid in front of women.

1. Focus on her face not elsewhere
There are some men who tend to talk to women’s breasts than making eye contact with them. You should never do that. It only shows desperation and makes you look like a complete sleaze ball.

2. Smacking on the butt is a bad habit
There are a lot of men who think it’s appropriate to give a friendly smack to women on their butt. It’s an extremely inappropriate gesture, especially if you do it to a female colleague or a friend. She will certainly not take it well.

3. Scratching the sides of your groin
A lot of men tend to have a very disgusting habit of adjusting their underwear, scratching their sides while talking to a woman. It draws attention in a pathetic way. It shows you have no sense of difference between public and private.

4. Crossing your hands
When you cross your hands and sit, it looks as if you are very protective of yourself, reserved and don’t want to open up. This is not the kind of impression you want to create. Keep your hands free for gestures it will be more welcoming and warm.

5. Do not dig your nose
Do not dig your nose and cull out dirt while talking to a woman. It shows lack of civility and sophistication. It also indicates that you need to learn some sense of hygiene. It’s going to put her off completely.

6. Burping and belching are strict NO!
After a nice, hearty meal, it’s quite natural that you might have issues with digestion. You might feel like burping but there is a way you can do it. Either cover your mouth or apologize. Don’t open your mouth wide and belch in her face. If you do, don’t be surprised if there isn’t a second date.

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