Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5 Ways to Convince Your Girlfriend to Delay Marriage Plans

5 Ways to Convince Your Girlfriend to Delay Marriage Plans,man woman couple aquarium watching fishes

Is your girlfriend constantly pressurizing you to seal the deal and get married soon? Do you still feel it’s a little too early, but she’s convinced that now is the right time to get the wedding bells ringing? It’s possible that even after a long period of dating, you still want to delay marriage. This may not necessarily be because you feel that your partner is not right, but could simply be because you are not ready for a commitment, which requires you to be financially and mentally stable.

There’s no harm in trying to get this point across to your partner. Here are some ways in which you can talk to her, and can convince her to delay marriage plans for sometime.
1. Talk about financial stability
When girls are thinking about marriage, they also have a tentative timeline in their head about when they want a baby. Talk to your girl about this, and try and explain to her that you aren’t yet ready to take the responsibility of a wife and a child. Even if she says that her income combined with yours will be enough, explain to her how you’d like to be in charge about financial issues, because you want to be the provider for her. Tell her that you love her a lot, and wouldn’t want to mess up that love and bond only because of financial issues. So it’s best to wait till things fall in place.
2. Encourage her individual career
Encourage your girlfriend to first follow her dreams and fulfill her wishes and desires, before she starts making sacrifices in her marriage. Once married, a girl has tons of responsibilities on her head, which make her sacrifice her individual dreams. Tell her that you don’t want to let that happen to her, and hence, she must achieve all that she has to in life, so that she has a marriage with no regrets.
3. Discuss family situations
Sometimes, there is a possibility that you want to delay marriage because of some issues going on in your family. Maybe your parents want your sibling to get married first, or there may be a member of the family who’s constantly unwell and needs care. Talk to your girl and tell her that you need to wait for better times to arrive, so you can actually celebrate happiness with a free mind, instead of putting it amidst a lot of stress and issues.

4. Wait for a significant date or occasion
If your second or third or any other anniversary is near, then you can always convince your girlfriend to touch that milestone first before you can get married. Tell her that in a way, you want to do justice to your dating period as beautifully as you can, and then move on to something bigger. You could also convince her to wait till her or your next promotion.
5. Be honest with her
There is no better way to convince her than being honest with her. Tell her how you feel about taking this big step, and explain to her that you can’t do it unless you are completely sure and confident about it. If she genuinely loves you and sees a future with you, she’d understand. However, this will only work if this is the first time something like this is coming up between you two. If you’ve been delaying marriage for a really long time, she’s bound to be upset and will think that you’re avoiding her.

So have a talk with your partner about these issues, and with some understanding and patience, you can both arrive at mutual decisions, which will help you to plan your relationship’s milestones better.

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