Friday, September 23, 2016

9 Signs You are a Jealous Boyfriend !!

9 Signs You are a Jealous Boyfriend,two men guys and a girl

A tad possessive of your girlfriend is perhaps reflective of the love you have for her but letting that get the better of the two of you could be disastrous to the relationship. While your girlfriend would love it when you take over and show glimpses of jealousy, overdoing is so wrong that it can leave the relationship scarred or even end it on a bad note. So watch out for some signs of jealousy and put a lid on them when they show up. Check out these signs that indicate you are a jealous boyfriend.
1. You get nervous easily
Does even a casual conversation that your girlfriend has with another man or even woman make you feel uneasy?
2. You’ve had bad breakups
Have all your earlier relationships ended badly? Or do you find it extremely tough, frustrating and desperate to hang on to people you love? Nasty breakups and reminiscing frequently about how horrible the entire relationship had been are tell-tale signs of jealousy.
3. You have trouble getting close
Are you having trouble staying friends with people whom you’ve known for long or even with girls you may have liked? Are people avoiding your company all the time? Have your closest of friends spoken to you about it?
4. You want your girl by your side
Do you insist that your girlfriend spend most of her time with you and do you want to be a part of all her activities?
5. You overanalyze things
Are you always critically analyzing every relationship that you observe or know of? Are you talking about it constantly to your girlfriend and expressing how you aren’t like that? While analyzing people could be understandable if genuine and once in a while; constant indulgence in this habit is near fatal.

6. You don’t like your girlfriend’s friends
Do you hate some of your girl’s friends? And if so, pay a close watch on the personalities of these ones specifically. Are they extroverted, extremely friendly and liberated? Then chances are you do not want your girl to be influenced by their characteristics.
7. You try to control her
Do you want your girlfriend to be overly dependent on you? And do you find it annoying if she doesn’t share something or wants to be independent?
8. You want everyone to know she is yours
Do you get physical by hugging or putting your hands on your girlfriend in the presence of male friends a lot more than otherwise? This is a sign that you are trying to prove your ownership on your girl and indirectly asking other men to not even think of getting an idea. While public displays of affection are sometimes enjoyed by women, getting too obvious and insistent is neither enjoyable nor appropriate.
9. You have a nasty temper
Are your temper tantrums too high when your girlfriend does something you don’t necessarily approve of and then almost instantaneously face a cool-down for fear of losing her?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the questions listed above, then mate, you might possibly be getting there. Before jealousy becomes an addiction, it is a good idea to mend your ways and enjoy a great relationship for a happy ever after.

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