Monday, August 22, 2016

4 Rules for Drinking on the First Date

4 Rules for Drinking on the First Date,man woman love romance

They say, the first impression is the last one. Hence, it is very important to present yourself in the best possible manner on your first date. While trying to do so, your heart beats faster and the breath skips crazily at the impending moments. You need some much needed courage to carry on through the evening smoothly and with panache. Will a drink give you the much needed boost up? Perhaps yes. But there are certain rules for drinking on the first date. Check them out.
1. Offer her a drink
A small drink may act as a confidence booster, but make sure you are not the one to order first. Ask your date if she wishes to have a drink and what would she like to have. This would come across as a gentlemanly act and she may get impressed.
2. Ask her for permission
It comes across as a chivalrous gesture when you ask a lady for permission to have your drink. It shows that you value her comfort over your indulgence. Don’t let alcohol spoil the show for you. Watch the amount of alcohol you are consuming. You may end up making a fool of yourself and your first date may be the last.

3. Hold your drink properly
It’s tough deal to meet a person for the first time and enjoy yourself. There are a number of conscious constraints that hold you down. Drinking makes sure that it becomes easier to meet a person. However, hold your drink properly or you may spill it over. It will act as a turn off for the girl and she may never meet you again.
4. Make sure you don’t smell all “boozey”
Alcoholic drinks leave behind an odor. This stench can be a big turn off for your new date. If you want to make the rules of attraction work, then you must work on your scent.

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