Monday, December 7, 2015

8 Interesting Things to Talk About to Your Girlfriend !!

8 Interesting Things to Talk About to Your Girlfriend,man woman romantic date beach sea sunset

There may be times when you suddenly find yourself running out of topics to hold a conversation with you girlfriend. Instead of going through an awkward silence and being embarrassed, use the list of ideas given below to have an interesting chat with your girlfriend.

1. The places she has traveled
Talking to your girlfriend about her traveling experiences can make for an interesting conversation. Ask her about all the places that she has been to and where she wants to travel next. You can also share your own traveling insights with her so that she also gets an idea about your experiences too.

2. Her childhood experiences
Wouldn’t you like to know how your girlfriend spent her childhood, how she was as an infant and who are the people she grew up with? Talking to your girlfriend about her childhood will not only make for an interesting topic of conversation, but it will also help you to know more about her.

3. Her first impressions of you
When you run out of topics to converse with your girlfriend, fill in the silence by asking about her first impression of you. You will get to hear a surprising answer about her first thoughts when she saw you and fell in love. Expect lots of laughter and smiles to follow when you are having this conversation with your girlfriend.

4. Her dreams and ambitions
As a boyfriend, you must know about the dreams and ambitions of your girlfriend. Talk about her dreams for the future, professional ambitions and fantasies in life. Deepen your bond with your girlfriend by knowing her inside out as a person.

5. What you like about her best
One of the interesting things you can talk about to your girlfriend is what you like best about her personality. This is a subtle way of showering compliments on her and letting her know how much you love her. By talking about this, you will also be able to give your conversation a romantic twist.

6. Her best kept secrets
You can have a memorable conversation with your girlfriend by asking her about her best kept secrets. Try to unravel what she may have been hiding from you or her family. You can open a Pandora’s Box by picking this conversation as you will get to know about a fascinating side to your girlfriend’s personality.

7. Her favorites
Talking about your girlfriend’s favorites can make for a fun conversation. Ask her about her favorite books, movies, sports, hangouts, gizmos and food. Tell her about your choices and preferences as well. You can even quiz each other about your favorites to figure out which of you knows more about the other.

8. Her views on current affairs
One of the interesting things you can chose to talk about with your girlfriend is her views on current affairs. This includes politics, art, latest events, fashion, international relations, breaking news, cultures and humanities. You are not likely to talk about such a topic on a regular day. So it can be a good opportunity to talk about this when you are running out of conversation to make.

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