Monday, December 7, 2015

5 Tips to Know If She is The One !!

5 Tips to Know If She is The One,man woman love romance drinking juice

It is not always easy to figure out that she is the one, sometimes she is right there in front and you don’t realize it. There are times when you are confused whether she really is the one? You would easily this if you consider certain factors. Here are 5 tips to know if she is the one.

1. There are no trust issues
It is rightly said that relationships are strongly based on trust. If you are able to trust her with anything and everything then the answer is pretty clear. She too should have the same level of trust in you which would be a perfect scenario.

2. You share everything in and out
There is always a special person in your life with whom you can share each and every thing, be it small or big, easily. This is the first person to whom you want to go when you want to share something really great or something totally saddening. If she holds this place in your life then she surely is the one.

3. You resolve your problems sooner or later
Whenever you have issues, fights, conflicts or arguments you’ll put in efforts to sort out things. You do this with the intention that you want to be with her; you want to be happy with her and no matter how big or small the issue is, you don’t want it to hinder your relationship.

4. Everything falls in place with her support
Whenever you have emotional issues or problems with your work life, she is there beside you. She won’t be able to change things for you, but the fact that she has your back, builds your confidence and gets you going. If you have such a strong support system, she surely is the one.

5. You care for her and protect her
Her happiness means everything to you, it is important for you that she remains happy always. You feel protective towards her and you want to do everything in your power for her. This shows that you feel deeply for her and are ready to move forward in terms of long term commitment.

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