Thursday, December 24, 2015

7 Things no one told You About Marriage !!

7 Things no one told You About Marriage,wedding ring diamond

When you took that all important decision to get married you were nervous and apprehensive. You were scared too but you thought it through and prepared yourself for the new challenge coming your away. You spoke to friends, family, elders and thought you knew it all, but there are certain things no one tells you about marriage.

1. You marry the family, not just the girl
You might love the girl you got married to but remember that you are making an entire new family a part of your life. You might easily accept your in-laws but be ready to invite and gel with the extended family of your wife.

2. Dates become even more important
Are remembering dates a problem for you? Well sharpen your memory skills because no one will tell you that the number of dates to remember after marriage only increases. Birthdays, anniversaries, family birthdays, appointments… the list is endless.

3. You have to contribute to household work
No one really mentions it but it is expected that you will contribute in doing the dishes, laundry and grocery shopping.

4. You may spend the night on the couch
It may be your house but be prepared to spend the night on the couch once in a while. If you’ve had an argument or shown off your jealous streak, say goodbye to your bed.

5. Less of game nights
Your partner loved the game nights you organized before marriage but once you tie the knot you may discover that she is not so fond of the game nights any more. She may want more time with you.

6. You may have to go shopping
Before you got married you could convince your partner to go shopping with her girls. She was also okay with that but after marriage she expects you to accompany her for shopping. Be prepared for this new adventure!

7. You still have to get her gifts
You gave her a lot of small and big gifts before your marriage. But did anyone tell you that you have to continue gifting her even after you get married? She doesn’t want to feel like she is being ignored or taken for granted.

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