Thursday, December 10, 2015

7 Myths Men Believe About Women !!

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Men are supposed to be logical and realistic. Yet, many a times, a rumor spreads and soon becomes a trend to manipulate your line of thought, eventually becoming a myth that the whole world starts believing in. Woman has always been the greatest mystery for man, and hence the myths related to her are even more.

1. Women fantasize about other women
No, they don’t. It is the man who likes to fantasize about two women making love, but a straight woman would never fantasize about another woman.

2. Women are desperate to get married
Once again, no. As a matter of fact, The National Center for Health Statistics have found that 40 percent women have never been married. So do not panic and wait for the right moment before putting the ring on your girl.

3. Women feel indifferent towards sex
Not true. Women too, have their sexual needs and desires. They only get to express it when the man gives them the chance. But of course, their need for sex is slightly lesser, compared to man.

4. Women want lots of kids
Not in this practical generation. Just because most women love kids, does not mean that they want a dozen of their own. Childbirth is not a joke, nor is raising a kid. Women want only as many kids as they think is practical.

5. Women want your money
No, they want your love and care. They only take your money if they think you can afford it. Otherwise, they would happily give away their own money to you, if you are going through a difficult time.

6. Women have grand romantic expectations
Except that they don’t. Women only want to see that you love her, listen to her and care for her. A grand romantic gesture from your end would definitely make her happy, but it is not at all something that she expects. Small things count more.

7. You are the best she has ever had
If that is something you really believe in, you have already lost her. Definitely, this thought of yours may be true, but it does not mean that you are going to make it obvious from your talks or behavior. Treat her like a princess, and she’ll treat you like her prince.

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