Thursday, December 10, 2015

5 Tips on How to Charm her Parents !

5 Tips on How to Charm her Parents,family gathering dinner eating turkey launch mother daughter man guy son

The thought of meeting your girlfriend’s parents is a bit startling for most guys as there is a certain pressure that builds up. It is very crucial to make a good first impression as the first impression makes the strongest impact and always stays. It is important to do a certain background check and also be prepared. You need to show the best in you in order to charm her parents. Here are 5 tips on how to charm her parents.

1. Do your homework well
When you meet someone and you don’t know anything about them, it becomes difficult to strike conversations and discussions. The best way out in this case would be to ask your girlfriend about her parents’ likes, hobbies, interests as well as any particular thing, such as habits or topic that they dislike so that you can stay clear off those topics. This would help you to strike conversations and you would also know what topics to stay away from.

2. Offer respect and assurance
It is obviously vital that you respect the girl’s parents, but the parents would be more concerned to know whether or not you respect their daughter. You should show them by your actions and words that you really respect and care about her. This would help them get some assurance that she is with someone who treats her well and with respect.

3. Do not get into arguments
During your casual talk with them, there may arise topic on which your view and their views do not match. In such a situation, you need to tackle it the scenario with tact. You shouldn’t be rude or agitated, instead be polite and say that you respect their opinion but you also choose to stand by your opinion.

4. Dress suitably
This may sound cliché but is essential. What you wear and how you carry yourself talks a lot about your personality. Do not dress very casually. A formal or semi formal clean look would work best. Dressing up well gives you the confidence and you feel good about yourself. It will help you to present yourself well without much effort.

5. Mind your manners
The girl’s parents would obviously notice the way you behave and notice your manners. You should greet them well, pull the chair or door for them, see to it that they are comfortable and show genuine care for them. Your etiquette, table manners, the kind of distance you maintain with your girlfriend in front of them all of this matters a lot.

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