Tuesday, November 17, 2015

8 Things You should Know About Your Girlfriend !!

8 Things You should Know About Your Girlfriend,happy couple man woman laughing

Most women complain that men do not understand their emotional needs in life. This is because they feel their men don’t really know them. How well do you know your girlfriend? Still in a doubt. Well, there are some things which you must know to understand her in a better way. Read ahead to learn about 8 things you should know about your girlfriend.

1. Her past affairs
If she tells you about her past affairs, then good enough! But, if she hides it from you, then ask her about her affairs. She would definitely vent out her heart in front of you. And, this would bring you closer to her.

2. Her likes
Know about your girl’s likes and dislikes, because that would help you to understand her in a better way. Know about her hobbies as well. If you know about her likes and dislikes, you would get to know about her personality as well.

3. Her nature
Do you know how your girl would react in a particular situation? Well, if you have no clue about this, then you must know about her temperament. Her reactions towards situations will help you understand her real self. Do things which she would love to do or hear. This would bring you closer to her and it will strengthen your relationship as well.

4. Her friends
Ask her about her friends and she will happily tell you everything. Ask her about her equation with her best friend. You need to know about her friend as well. This will help you to surprise her in a better way in future. Her friend would help you to know about her nature and things she likes.

5. Her favorite song or album
Ask her about her favorite song or album that she likes to listen all the time. The next time you see her stressed because of work, just play her favorite number. She would love you even more for being so considerate. Know about all the things she would love to watch.

6. Her dream destination
Talk to her about her favorite place. Know about places she would love to visit. Ask her about all the local and international places. This would help you to arrange a beautiful vacation with her. Well, if you are serious about her, then the place she mentions could be your honeymoon destination.

7. Her wish list
Ask about all the things she would love to do in life. This should be like an open conversation with her. Talk about all the things you would love to do with her as well. Knowing about her wish list could well help you decide the next gift for her birthday or may be Christmas.

8. Her ring style
Girls just love diamond ring. If you are going to propose your girl, then do know about her ring style and the design she would love to wear. When you propose to her with a diamond ring that is made keeping her style in mind, there will be a priceless expression on her face.

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