Monday, November 23, 2015

7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day special for Your Wife !!

7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day special for Your Wife,man woman love romance kiss romantic

It is not every day that you get time or take the time to tell your wife you love her or really tell her how much you do. Even when you do tell her that you love her, it will be at the end of a phone conversation or a hug and it will be something automatic and will not sound or be special after a while. It will just be part of your routine. It never hurts to tell your wife that you love her in a special way and since Valentine’s Day is round the corner, you can use this occasion to make it special for your wife and tell her how much you truly love her and care for her. Here are some ways in which you can make Valentine’s Day special for your wife.

1.Shower her with flowers
There is no better way to say I love you than with flowers. Send your wife flowers at regular intervals throughout the day. Shower her with her favorite flowers and make sure that at the end of the day she is inundated with flowers.

2.Get her a diamond
They are diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It doesn’t matter if there is any validity to the claim, but your wife will feel truly special if you get her a diamond on Valentine’s Day. If you can afford it, make it as big as possible.

3.Get her some sexy Lingerie
Go to a boutique and get her some sexy lingerie. Not only will you make your wife feel special, but you will also end up feeling very special when she puts it on for you and heats up things in the bedroom.

4.Take her out to a romantic dinner
You can either take her to her favorite restaurant or to a romantic dinner. A candle light dinner or some other loving gesture over dinner will make her day truly special. You can even ask the management to play one of her favorite song when you are seated and when you tell her you love her.

5.Kiss her passionately first thing in the morning
On Valentine’s Day, let her wake up to your passionate kissing. This will set the tone for the day and she will even forgive you for not doing anything special for the rest of the day.

6.Get her a handmade card
To make her feel truly special, you should invest some time and effort and make her a handmade card. She will treasure this gift from you and will truly special as you made it for her and it is one of a kind.

7.Treat her to Breakfast at bed
Make her breakfast and take it to the bed and have a romantic breakfast together. Wake up a little early so you can spend an hour at least eating and talking together.
Make her feel special on Valentine’s Day with your actions and gifts for your wife deserves it.

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