Monday, November 23, 2015

6 Ways to Find Out If Your Girlfriend is Falling for Another Guy !!

6 Ways to Find Out If Your Girlfriend is Falling for Another Guy,two guys men and woman girl

Is she behaving in an odd way with you? Is she getting upset with you for no reason? Does she constantly demand for her space in the relationship? Well, it is possible that your girl is falling for another guy. There are some ways to find out, so continue reading the post.

1. She ignores you
The first sign of distance is ignorance. If she is ignoring you purposely, then there is a possibility she is getting close to someone else. If she ignores you and talks to everyone normally, then you have the right to confront her about this.

2. She is constantly chatting on the phone
If she keeps constantly chatting with someone on her phone, then it is important to know about that person. If in spite of being with you, she is not interested in talking to you, chances are she is getting attracted to someone else. If she does not let you view her chat history, then you need to talk to her about this.

3. There is a change in her appearance
If you notice a possible change in her appearance, then she might be doing this under the influence of another guy. Of course, she is not doing this for you. By all odds, she might want to end this relationship. If she dresses in a different manner, then there is a possibility that she might be falling for another guy.

4. There is no physical contact
When you try to hug her, what is her reaction? If she reacts in a cold manner, then she might be falling out of love. This can be more apparent, if the guy you suspect her to be close is in front of you. If you try to hug her, and she looks at him, then it is obvious that she is already out of love.

5. She talks about him
If she keeps on talking about him and his jokes, then she might be smitten by him. If you ask her something related to future, and she ignores the topic, then the reason is clear. She is getting attracted to someone she is compatible with. That is the reason she does not want to talk to you.

6. She gets playful in front of him
Girls do not get playful with guys unless there is a reason. If she gets playful with another guy in front of you, then she is definitely falling for him. Getting naughty and playful means there is something from her side for the other guy around.

If you are feeling apprehensive, then it is better to talk it out. Eventually, it is you who will get hurt in this situation.

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