Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Questions To Ask A Girl You Like !!

7 Questions To Ask A Girl You Like !!

If you like someone, don’t hesitate to pour your heart out. Like, speak whatever is on your mind. Ask questions to clear all your doubts about her and things ahead. So, listed are some questions to ask a girl you like. Read on and take a cue from it.

1. What is your biggest passion?
It is must to ask her this question if you are interested in her. Ask her about her biggest passion in life? Why she likes it and she wants to go ahead with it. Now, the passion could be anything from her work or things she wants to achieve in life. This will let you know about the person, she is in life.

2. What is your dream destination?
This would surely make her feel good. Every person has a dream destination in mind. Ask her about all the places that she would like to visit. Or a single dream destination where she would like to go. She will definitely be excited to answer this question of yours. She might also tell you about her secret places which fascinate her.

3. Which is your favorite book or movie?
This question may help you to know about her likes and dislikes. If she is into books, then ask her about her favorite books or story that she likes the most. Ask her about her favorite movie and why she likes that movie a lot. Also, ask her about her favorite actor, she would love to share this with you.

4. What is your dream date idea?
Ask her what is her dream date idea? How she wants her dream date to be? This would also give you an insight to her thinking about her love and liking. Ask her about the qualities she is looking for in the person she truly loves. This would give you an idea about what she thinks about you.

5. Are you close to your family?
If you want to know about her family life, then simply ask her this question. Ask her about how she feels for her family. Ask her if she is close to her family. This is important, because you would know about her thinking towards family life. Respect is an important part in a relationship. And, you would know whether respect is important for her in life or not.

6. What is your wish in life?
Well, this can be a tad personal question, but ask her if you want to know her better. It is not easy to speak about desires and secrets in life, give it a try and see if she answers you. Ask her about her wish in life. Things she likes and wants to achieve. Things that interest her the most and makes her happy, this would also help you to get close to her.

7. Are you career oriented or family oriented?
This is like the most important thing to ask her if you are looking for a long term relationship with her. Ask her, is she is focused on her career or she also likes family life. This would give you a hint of her practical nature. If she is practical, then she would choose only career. And, if she loves family life, then naturally she would choose both the options.

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