Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Tips to Meet New Women in the Gym !

5 Tips to Meet New Women in the Gym,man woman guy girl sport treadmill workout

If you have for long been tagged as the “forever alone” guy, then starting your search from the gym is a great idea. At the gym, you can not only expect yourself to chance upon your Miss Compatible, but also you can be rest assured that she will be a fit and attractive one. And the bonus? It will give you adequate reason to get your behind up to the gym regularly and will make your gym experience all the more fun. Here are a few tips to meet new women at the gym.

1. Stay focused on the real motive
You may be looking to make new connections at the gym but keep your real focus on the fitness part of it. Stay determined and learn the exercises well. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself by not doing things in a proper way. If you are going to the gym with the sole motive of looking for women, then you are absolutely wasting your time and you should have gone clubbing instead. Be dedicated and determined towards your physical fitness; nothing attracts women as much as a focused and hard-working man.

2. Stick to a few
You will find different types of women at the gym, ranging from friendly and chattering to no-nonsense, straight-headed ones. Don’t try your luck with every woman you get the chance with; you don’t want to be tagged as the “creepy stalker” of the gym whom everyone eventually starts avoiding. The trick is to observe and pick out the one that’s right for you, not to mention approachable. Once you’ve found the woman of your type, plan your move accordingly.

3. Don’t push it too much
Avoid joining the gym and getting down straight to your mission of finding a woman. Being patient is important. If you feel you are getting attracted towards a woman at the gym and happen to make eye contact with her, then just give her a friendly smile and go about doing your own thing. Once a certain connection is established, you can slowly explore it as days go by. Gaining her confidence and making her feel comfortable is important. Nobody is a fool to not spot a hidden agenda and that can certainly not be a positive thing.

4. Keep a general amiable nature
Keeping a friendly nature at the gym can help a great deal, be it with the gym staff or even the men. A man with connections is always a big turn-on for women. If you manage to become the guy that everyone knows, she might even come to you for some help once in a while. Socializing with all the women at the gym, irrespective of their looks, also eliminates you from the group of losers who only target the hotties of the gym. Another great benefit is that it also works as the jealousy factor as you are talking to a lot of women and not just giving all the flattering attention to the one.

5. Give out trivia, tips and compliments
If she is at the gym, then she is definitely there to look good. Compliment her on her physique, of course dropping the vulgarity from it, and talk about the changes that you’ve been noticing in her body. Once in a while, try sharing some interesting health trivia or tips. However, keep in mind not to overpower as she may not like a Mr. Know-it-all lecturing her.

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