Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

5 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend,man gave woman present gift surprise

Come Valentine’s Day and you start brainstorming on the gifting options for your girlfriend. To splurge or to go the pocket-friendly way, is always a dilemma. This Valentine’s Day think beyond the flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. Here are 5 awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend.

1. Put on your chef’s hat
If you’ve never really cooked anything for your girlfriend or she’s been nagging about it for long, then this is your best chance. Look up some recipes on the internet or take help from a friend. Baking a yummy chocolate cake would probably be a good choice; it’s sweet and very Valentine-ish. What else do you need? Wrap it up in some nice wrapping paper with a cute ribbon; add to that a good bottle of wine, and voila! There you have your Valentine’s gift. Don’t worry about your creation not turning up fantastic. Anything cooked with love and care is always great and is sure to make your girlfriend go “Awwwww”.

2. Gift her a hairstyling kit
Girls love their tresses and go to lengths to keep them in great shape. Whether your girlfriend styles her hair regularly or does it for occasions, gifting her a hairstyling set complete with curlers, straighteners, rollers is a good idea, if she doesn’t own one already. Find a funky or a cute girly one, and she will be delighted.

3. Go on a road trip
If you’re the adventurous couple then hitting the roads with your beau this Valentine’s seems like a superb idea. Depending on your map or GPRS for navigation as you whiz through unknown roads, halting at random pit stops and discovering new eateries, go make your own adventures.

4. Gift her a collection of movies and books
Books may not seem an apt gift for the occasion, but not if they are romantic novels. If your girlfriend is an avid reader, then a set or even a carton of romantic novels would make her day. Likewise, a movie buff girlfriend would love a collection of movies, preferably romantic.

5. Gift her sexy lingerie
Gifting your girlfriend some sexy lingerie, needless to say is sensual and great to make her know that your attraction towards her remains unchanged.

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