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How Politics Drive Women’s Sexuality !!

How Politics Drive Women’s Sexuality - world map

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing great. In today’s post I will be discussing how different types of society affect our sexual behavior.

politics and sexuality

We will start off talking about how social democratic/socialist societies do so, and then we’ll move on to analyze how sexual behavior is affected by conservative capitalist societies.

It’s worth pointing out that I am not vouching for any form of political organization over another; this post is totally neutral; we’ll be talking about both the pros and cons of each. Keep in mind that the topic is how these societies affect our sexual behavior. So anything else related to capitalism or socialism is irrelevant.

I hope this post can give you some ideas on how things are and help you better understand how society affects people’s sexual behavior.

Lover vs. Providers

Before we dive in, it is key that you understand the different needs a woman has. Therefore, I will now quickly recapitulate “lover vs. provider” theory, which you can read more in detail in this post.

Women have two main needs from men. The first one is sex. All normal human beings need sex, actually; we are all biologically driven to seek it. A reproductive instinct guides us to seek sex partners and pair up.

However, women also seek security, status, and emotional support. For example, it is not ideal for women to raise children alone. So she seeks resourceful men. That is why you oftentimes hear women claiming that they want a nice guy as a boyfriend, and ideally one with a lot of money and high social status.

But when you discover what women actually want, in a purely sexual sense, you begin to realize that social status and access to resources are less important than you’d think. In fact, being mysterious, dominant, and hard to win over is usually enough to really turn women on. Oftentimes women face difficulties making such men commit to relationships however, as those men usually have a lot of options because what they offer is in high demand, as the majority of men are not sexy.

The first type of man, which encapsulates the majority of men out there, is called “the provider”. The provider provides; he manages to attract women with his status, money, and commitment to her (“nice guy-ness”). The other type of man, the lover, is much rarer; he attract women simply with his sex appeal – but he doesn’t have to be the best looking man; indeed, much of it’s due to his sexual attitude. Women see in him a sexual beast who can provide good sex – so women use these men for sex… and that’s mostly it.

Of course, no men are entirely providers or entirely lovers. All men have traits of both. So just keep in mind that, when I refer to “lovers” I am talking about a man who women perceive “primarily” as a lover. And the same thing goes for when I talk about providers.

So… that all said, let us begin with the left side of the political axis. Although true communism is pretty much dead, even in Europe, there are many socialist parties in power in Europe. However, since the most common type of governments is social democratic, we shall primarily focus on how the sexual game plays out in those.

Social Democratic and Socialist Societies

Most social democrats today accept the existence of the free market. However, in a social democratic society, the government can regulate the market. The amount of taxes is also really high in this form of organizing a society.

In return, however, redistribution of goods takes place. Oftentimes it’s even worth it to be unemployed, as, due to the taxation system, working fulltime isn’t worth it.

The core ideal of the social democratic state is egalitarianism: that the differences between the rich and the poor get minimized, and that the more it does, the better. Riches are redistributed from the rich to the poor directly from the government. The result is that oftentimes that you get a really big middle class, a small economic elite, and almost no sub primes.

Social democratic states often are welfare states, where a lot of services are public – for instance, health care, but also much more. In Scandinavia, there are for example no tuition fees at the universities.

So this is my basic definition of social democracy. Let us now see how social democracy affects the mating game.

Social Democracy and Seduction

As mentioned earlier, women seek both providers and lovers. Providers are men women would marry or at least have long term relationship with. These are the ideal men, not for reproduction, but for child rearing. The provider is the ideal family man.

However, the role of the provider is limited in a social democratic state. And the reason is quite obvious: the provider’s role is curtailed, as the welfare state is taking over a huge part of it; the provider is now competing with the welfare state. In other words, women do not need men to provide for them anymore because the welfare state provides for them now.

For example, the welfare state secures them their health, as most socialist/social democratic states have a free healthcare system. Women also receive child support from the government. Also, since most women work in social democratic states, they are no longer economically dependent on men.

politics and sexuality

So what tends to happen is that women focus more and more on satisfying their sexual needs. This is why women tend to be more “promiscuous” in social democratic states, such as those in Scandinavia. The result is basically that women will mostly only look out for lovers.

The positive side here is obviously that women are less resistant to jumping in bed with strangers, making seduction a lot easier, as these women will act more sexually liberated than their counterparts in conservative capitalist states.

The downside, however, is the way this affects men. Men no longer focus on becoming providers. Try picking up a woman by displaying wealth in Sweden, and you won’t get far. Men who understand this realize that their only hope is to play the lover card, the result of which being that the majority of men in these societies try to appear more like ideal lovers than providers; they try to appear sexy instead of wealthy.

The issue here is that it becomes harder to play the lover card. You have less room to play in your own league, which you can do in a state where lovers are rare and providers are the norm. So there will be more competition between lovers in socialist/social democratic states, as there will be more of them than in conservative states.

Remember, it is ideal to play in a different league than most men. This allows you to face less competition and make yourself more unique to women. If you are not like most men, but still have something women desire, then you will be a product in demand.

So you might start believing that, as there will be more lovers out there in a socialist/social democratic state, you might as well just play the provider card. Well, you can, but it will not be very efficient, because women already have a huge provider: namely, the welfare state. So being a provider will not anymore be of demand. The worst part though is that neither will lovers, because there are many of them out there in socialist/social democratic states.

However, as mentioned earlier, women tend to be easier to pick up and seduce in such a state. If a girl is attracted to you, then getting her to bed is way easier than in states that are non-socialist/social democratic, where women are less sexually liberated and are on the hunt for providers. And just because there might be more men out there playing the lover card than in other types of societies, it is still far from impossible. You just have to play the “better” lover card.

I live in a social democratic state with a huge welfare state, and I manage to get laid quite often. However, I have to be more serious in conveying that I am a true lover; a good one who is better than most others out there. When I travel, however, all I need to do is display some sexual intent by touching her and giving her some sexy eye contact.

Yet at home I have to use more advanced sex talk techniques and be more intense while being smoother with my escalation. The positive side is that I face less anti-slut defense and last minute resistance – which are both resistances women can have to men’s sexual approaches.

Conservative Capitalist Societies

The idea behind capitalism is that the state has only the role of protecting private property. This means that, in a true capitalist state, distribution of good takes place through the free market.

Personal freedom is one of the core values that capitalism is based on. Ownership over your own body is key, and whatever you create with your hands belongs to you and you stand free to exchange it with another product.

Wealth is not collective but individual. This allows people to create their own wealth and not depend on the state. As wealth is private, women will not have a welfare state to provide for them, so instead they seek “private wealth” – aka, wealthy persons.

Now that we’ve briefly covered what characterizes this type of society, let us discuss how capitalism affects the sexual culture of the people living within such a society.

Conservatism/Capitalism and Seduction

In a conservative state the provider plays a much more crucial role than in a socialist state. Women are dependent on providers. This is because women do not have a welfare state to provide for them. Therefore, marriages tend to last longer in such states.

In order to raise her offspring – receiving child support and emotional support as well – she needs a wealthy man. So marrying a wealthy man is indeed an ideal solution for women in such societies.

As a result, women in such societies look for long term partners. Women can have providers without having to marry them, obviously; however, once she scores a good provider, she would of course like to keep him. She compels him to commit to a long term relationship or a marriage to secure him as a provider. If she can’t do that, she risks that provider finding other women to provide for.

In order to win over providers, it is key for women to display purity. The reason why is because the average male, hence most of the providers, fear the power of female sexuality. As the provider is not winning the “sex game” he does not seek women who seek to play it. Hence women who display promiscuous behavior are often considered sluts, and therefore not attractive. I have covered in my post on the secret society that the majority of males, hence the providers, seek to control female sexuality in order to not totally lose the mating game due to their inability to be sexually attractive.

That is why providers do not seek sexual women. They want pure Madonnas. And even though such women do not exist, women can still display a side of them that is “pure” and a-sexual. This is why women do everything they can to come across as non-sexual whenever they seek a boyfriend (most of the time, the boyfriend is a provider). It’s simply because such men would be scared of her true sexual side. As a result, women will for example withhold sex and resist male moves because they know most men do not find “sluts” attractive, and women obviously want to come across as attractive.

politics and sexualityAs the majority of men are providers, women will make it their default to come across as pure Madonnas. It is only once they meet a lover who manages to convey his true identity that she begins to behave differently.

So what happens in a conservative society is that women become more sexually closed off. You will face more resistance when making moves and women will be less open to just jumping into bed with strangers than in a socialist society. This is because women are not only looking for lovers, like in a socialist/social democratic society.

Women in this type of society do not have the security of the welfare state, and therefore have to focus on getting providers while at the same time taking care of their sexual needs.

However, the positive side here is that playing the lover card in conservative/capitalist societies works wonders. There are a lot of providers out there, and being a lover makes you unique and a product in demand. You don’t need to work hard on displaying that you are a lover, as just being confident and able to escalate and be sexy is enough to communicate that you are a true lover.

Compare this to the social democratic/socialist societies, where most men try to communicate lover value, and you see how this is definitely a plus. However, as mentioned earlier, you will face more resistance in this type of society. Last minute resistance and anti-slut defense kicks can be expected, whereas in social democratic/socialist societies such things happen much less regularly.

Last Words

Obviously there will be women looking for providers in social democratic states and women who might not have high defenses against sexual moves in conservative societies. What I wanted to demonstrate with this post however is how each type of societies affects the sexual culture and behavior of its citizens.

As we saw, in social democratic states women look more for lovers, as they do not need to secure any providers, since the welfare state has taken over that role. Therefore the remaining needs women have in these societies are sexual. That is why women might see men only as sex toys. Women will also have a more liberated view on sexuality in such societies.

As being a provider does not work so efficiently in social democratic/socialist states, more men will try to become lovers by trying to become sexy and attract women by communicating sexual intent. This creates difficulty for men like us, but there is a solution: communicate that you are a better lover than most men.

In conservative societies on the other hand, women seek providers, as there isn’t a welfare state to take over that role. So a lot of men in such societies play the provider card when seducing women. The negative thing here however is that, as women seek providers, they will be more resistant to sexual approaches, as they intend to communicate purity to men in order to win them over into a relationship.

The positive thing with conservative/capitalist societies is that it is easier to play the lover card and it works very well, as lovers are a product in demand (since most men in such society compete for the provider role). However, expect to deal with some resistance.

So which type of society is the best for seduction? Well I don’t know. I’d say travel to both and find out which you prefer. Both have their pros and cons. I think it is a funny thing to travel, because I can experience those different societies, which makes this whole seduction thing so interesting and exciting.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment.

Until next,


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