Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

beautiful-hair - Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

Having shiny healthy hair is something a lot of men struggle with. Trying multiple conditioners and shampoos is a known solution adopted by people. However nothing promises better results than our very own age-old home remedies.

1. Diet
You are what you eat. Quite true even with reference to the health of your hair. Consuming fruits and vegetables and the right amount of proteins is the key to ensuring the good condition of your hair. These essential nutrients in food coupled with enough water and exercise will make your hair healthy and soft. 

2. Egg Yolk
Massaging the yellow portion of the egg on your scalp can be a wonderful remedy to fight hair loss. Leave it in your hair for roughly an hour and wash thoroughly with water. You can repeat the procedure at least once a week to ensure best results.

3. Oil Massage
A tried and tested and popular grandma’s remedy is massaging warm oil on to the scalp. Leaving this for an hour and following this procedure with the application of limejuice mixed with some vinegar can help you get rid of the dandruff in your hair.

4. Amla
Amla is another classic winner when it comes to healthy hair. An amla oil massage or consuming its juice on a regular basis is considered a tonic for the hair. It is not only effective to help you stay away from grey hair but also shows great results for the overall health of the hair. 

5. Neem
The problem of lice faced by people also hinders the good health of the hair. To battle this, you can apply a thick paste of a few neem leaves regularly in your hair. It is known to have properties that fight any kind of germs.

6. Aloe Vera
Another natural ingredient that you can simply pluck out of your garden and apply is Aloe Vera. Rinse your hair with cool water post the application of its gel. A marvelous remedy to make your hair look lovely, thick and healthy. If time permits, follow this daily. 

7. Mayonnaise
For those of you, who are non-believers in natural remedies, bring home a bottle of mayonnaise and massage it mixed with oil - coconut, almond or olive. This natural conditioner can be kept for about 15-20 minutes or even throughout the night after which you can wash it with water.  

8. Beer
A popular remedy with the younger generation today is rinsing your hair with a little beer. Beer has properties that can reinstate the shine of your hair.
Practice some of these tips and avoid subjecting it to artificial and chemical treatments, and also save a lot of money too.  

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