Friday, May 24, 2013

Foods You Should Eat For a Healthy Heart

Foods You Should Eat For a Healthy Heart - apples

When it comes to a man’s heart, cholesterol seems to be its all-time lover. And yes, this relationship is definitely unhealthy for your heart. Usually everyone just follows the age old diet regime like cutting down on oil and red meat. But is that enough for the most essential organ of your body? Sadly, the answer is NO. Read on as we tell you about foods that you should eat for a healthy heart:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away: a very clichéd saying but very true. Phytochemicals, present in apples, act as an anti-inflammatory and also
prevent the blood from clotting. It is also high on fibres and vitamins. An apple also makes the perfect snack for someone who is always on the go. Plus it is available in different varieties, so you might not get bored of it soon. Add a few chopped pieces of apple in your Greek salad making it healthier.

Have you been avoiding nuts for the oil they contain? If yes, then bring it back to your plate because this oil is actually healthy for your heart. The Vitamin E
that almonds contain helps in keeping your cholesterol level under control. Like apples, almonds are also high on fibre and Vitamin content. Again a perfect 5 PM snack. Add to your heart's health by eating 4–5 soaked almonds each morning with your breakfast.

Soy is not a very tasty option but it's really good for your heart. Soy protein can prevent you from having a stroke. It is also a great replacement for the red
meat that you've been trying to cut on. This will help in reducing the intake of saturated fats. Add a few chunks of soy to your rice or stir fry it with your veggies. You can also use soy milk as a substitute for regular milk, for making milk shakes and with your morning cereal.

Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, mulberry, huckleberry, gooseberry and all the other berries are a pack load of vitamin C. With so many flavours you
can possibly never get bored of eating berries. Apart from vitamin C they also contain calcium and beta-carotene. These fibrous fruits are perfect with breakfast oats or with yogurt. Out of all these berries blueberry has the most nutrients that will keep your heart healthy.

Your heart will love you for the fresh salmon you have and so will your taste buds. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. This will help your blood from clotting.
It is suggested that you should eat fish (sea food) atleast twice a week for a healthy heart. Opt for grilled fish and avoid spicy seasoning. You can also add a dash of lime to it for an excellent flavour and add it to your green salad. A little care can save you from chronic diseases, so why not eat right to stay safe! Apart from the above mentioned foods you can also trust green vegetables, tomatoes, whole grain products, oats and brown rice as heart friendly foods. And last, but not the least, ditch your beer and whiskey and say cheers with wine.

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