Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Easy to Digest Foods

Fruits - oranges - 7 Easy to Digest Foods

Erratic lifestyles that each one of us live today result in excessive consumption of junk food. After a point, our system stops accepting such food and demands simply cooked and easy to digest food. Let us look at some such food we can include in our diet.

One of the most basic, and something that each one of us enjoy eating are different types of fruits available in the market. Being low in fiber, fruits
are considered to be light for the system as they digest easily. Apples, melons, papaya, mangoes, strawberries are not only low in fat but also give us the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

Another food that is absolutely easy to digest is rice, which contains a simple form of carbohydrates. Hence you must consume a plain, liquid rice preparation when the stomach feels upset or uneasy.

For all you non-vegetarians, chicken can be your choice when you need to eat food that can be digested simply. It is known to relieve the stomach when consumed in its boiled form.

Any form of vegetable soup is considered to be an easy to digest food. They provide essential nutrients that your body requires and hence it is highly recommended to consume the soup of your choice especially when you have an irritated stomach. 

The bacterium present in yogurt is what makes it an easy to digest food. It is known to be healthy for the overall digestive system as well as improves the immunity levels of the body.

Leafy Vegetables
Cabbage, spinach and other green leafy vegetables facilitate the flushing out of foodstuffs that do not digest properly in the system. The rich nutrients present in these vegetables are essential for the body and also aid the weight loss process. 

Another savior that can be consumed during an upset stomach is oats, which are an excellent source of fiber that are known to relax an upset stomach. Also, its low cholesterol level makes it
a perfect choice as a health food. Making the right choice of food while suffering from any sort of stomach or digestive problem is an absolutely necessity. Your digestive systems needs a desperate break from the over dose of junk food and hence, consumption of healthy and easy to digest food is crucial.    

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