Monday, April 15, 2013

What Men Want in your bathroom ??!!

Young-Man-in-Bathroom-Shaving - What Men Want in your bathroom

Most men need objects they can recognize !!!!

My boyfriend took a shower at my apartment for the first time about a month ago, and after I heard the water running for a few minutes, I heard him call my name. I thought maybe he was in the mood for some shower sex, but no, he needed help figuring out which one of the many bottles in my shower caddy were soap.

When it comes to personal grooming, men and women have different priorities. Men like to get clean, and women like to feel good, which is a much more detailed process than simply lather, rinse, repeat. We feel the need to shave many more body parts than men, moisturize with different formulations and intensities, and manage hair products into the dozens.

As a single gal I never gave much thought to what it would be like for man to navigate my bathroom products, but now that I’ve had a chance to let it sink in, I have a short list of must-haves for any single gal’s bathroom:

1) A bar of soap – Unless your date is a devout metrosexual, he might not be able to discern pump soap from moisturizer from body wash. Give him a break and purchase a manly bar to keep around for these occasions. If you really don’t use it yourself ever, buy a travel case for it and whip it out when necessary.

2) Disposable razors – you know, the cheap ones at the drug store with minimal packaging? Highly unappealing to women, but they do the trick in a pinch for men, especially right out of the package so they aren’t dull.

3) Extra toothbrush or mouthwash – Okay this one is for you just as much as him, but everyone wishes they could brush their teeth the next morning when they sleep away from home. Why not have some travel toothbrushes or just a bottle of mouthwash out on the counter? It will give him the fresh breath and confidence to come back to bed and give you a smooch.

4) A comb – not a styling brush, just a plain old-fashioned comb. Most men need objects they can recognize.

Men aren’t complicated creatures, at least when it comes to bathroom product needs. Why not go the extra mile to make your date(s) feel comfortable staying over at your place? Then if you’re inclined to spend the rest of the day together, all the better that he can shower and shave without feeling like he’s out of his element!

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