Sunday, April 14, 2013

Use Your Friends To Find A Man !!!!

Use Your Friends To Find A Man - man handshake woman
What are your friends doing for you on the Internet? Sure, you’ve ‘friended’ all your friends, but who are they hooking you up with?

You are sitting on a goldmine, ladies. I know what I’m talking about. Three years ago I watched one of my best friend’s male friends get scooped up by an interloper from a neighboring town. How dare she? And where was my friend hiding this guy? Key point: She wasn’t. She just never thought I’d be interested in a horn-rimmed wearing intellectual type. How had I never told her about my Clark Kent sexual fantasies?

Don’t make this mistake. If you’re serious about finding a man, make sure your peeps are helping you hunt, not harboring hunks!

Make A List
This sounds so stalkerish, but bear with me. Write down a list of all your girlfriends, then call them up and ask what single guys they know, writing down names and ‘types’ and where these guys hang out. If anyone sounds interesting, make a plan with your friend to get an introduction, or go to their fave hot spot – it never hurts to go outside your usual places anyway. Then once you get the hang of staying on top of your friends, you’ll find them contacting you to tell you about some new intern at their firm or barista at their local café. When you get to this point, burn that list! You don’t want your awesome hot new boyfriend to find it.

Think Outside Your Type
Remember my horn-rimmed story. Make sure your friends know that you are willing to broaden your horizons when it comes to ‘types’ of men. What’s the point of being single if you always date the exact same type of guy all the time anyway? Try the cowboy hat guy! Give mustachio a chance! You don’t have to sleep with them all. Get your mind out of its rut, and into a conversation with someone different. You might be surprised.

Social Networking
What are your friends doing for you on the Internet? Sure, you’ve ‘friended’ all your friends, but who are they hooking you up with? If you think the list from tip #1 was good, imagine the possibilities on-line. You can ‘poke’ and ‘friend’ your way into new people’s radar so easily and with virtually no repercussions. What are you waiting for? I once ‘poked’ this gorgeous singer on Facebook who a friend of mine knew and suggested I become a ‘fan’ of. I thought he would never give me the time of day, but then he got back to me and we had a really good conversation. Granted he told me about his girlfriend in the first three sentences, but the point is I made a connection through a friend.

Strategic Girl’s Night Out
Okay ladies, put down the tubs of Hägen Däz and turn off the DVR, we’re going out! Girl’s night is, in my opinion, the best way to meet men in person. The reason is simple: there’s safety in numbers. You won’t be as shy to approach a guy if your friend Elsie is threatening to get to him first (hands off, E) and you always look your best when you’re laughing and genuinely enjoying yourself out on the town. Lounge bars are fantastic for group prowling because the comfy couch seating has ambiguous boundaries, and similarly going to see live music is good because you always have something to talk about – the band. Goofy venues are fun too, like bowling or night mini-golf, but you do narrow your odds when you go ironic. The main thing is to have fun scoping with your best gal-pals, exchange strategies and learn who likes which guys and why. Keep the network alive!

I want to hear from you, dear reader – let me know if any of these strategies work for you, or if you have anything to add. Happy man hunting!

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