Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Power Up with Power Yoga !!!

Power Up with Power Yoga  - storm

Try a simple exercise. Stand straight and touch your palms on the ground. Can’t do that? Then, it’s time that you get your body some flexibility training. Thinking about aerobics or some really strenuous exercise?

Well, that may take you on the path to a perfect muscular body and perfect health; it does not, however, promise you the benefits of power yoga. You may be confusing it with the new-age ‘gym yoga’, but in reality power yoga is a refined version of Ashtanga Yoga. There are a lot of things to discuss about power yoga, but its benefits explain it the best.

It’s Great
Jogging early morning may not be great motivation for you if you are one of those who would like to pick pace slowly through the day. For most, it rather drains out all the energy levels instead of enhancing them. Here is where power yoga kicks in. It’s a great way to boost the lost stamina and get going once again.

 It’s Hot
Power yoga will not only make you feel the heat but will definitely make you look hot too. You will sweat while undergoing a power yoga session. In no way will it make you sweat any less than when you have run a 5 mile marathon. But then, that is how it becomes a lot more effective than other forms of exercise, which you have been trying out without any visible improvements.

 It’s About Strength
Most of the exercises will require you to utilize energy. This form requires you to move your muscles, instead. With power yoga you build muscle and gain flexibility. Where a good jogging session (most of the times) gives short term results, power yoga benefits your body in the long term.

 It’s Mind, Body and Soul Connection
The postures that you take in power yoga are not just about twisting and twirling your body in weird ways. Within a session or two of power yoga, you will realize that it is about realizing the connection of your body with your mind and the soul.

 It’s Challenging
Power yoga can provide you the right motivation that works for your body. However, it is not free of challenges. Poses and postures will be easy for you to learn but it’s about sustenance. You may be able to form an arch, bending backward and touching the ground; try holding the pose for 10 minutes. That’s the challenge.

Power yoga can make your body look naturally fit. It is the perfect way if you want to feel good and look great. Wouldn’t a form of physical exercise that seems so intense be tremendously effective? Definitely, it would.

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