Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 Unhealthy Habits Men Have !!!!

7 Unhealthy Habits Men Have  - man smoke smoking cigarette cigars

When it comes to men, there are many bad habits that do not go away very easily. Here are 7 unhealthy habits that men tend to have.

1. They drink in excess

Although men are not the only ones who drink excessively, there are many of them who are found to turn this into a regular habit. They drink on weekends, whether they are in a cheerful mood or sad. It not only affects their physical well being but also hampers their personal life.

2. They are chain smokers

Men who are chain smokers are at great risk of lung and oral cancer. They see smoking as the only alternative to deal with their problems. They become completely dependent on cigarettes, their skin becomes sunken and sallow and they could also face issues on the personal front.

3. They do not have good bathroom hygiene

Most men have the bad habit of not using the flush or cleaning the toilet after use. Especially bachelors do not tend to clean their toilets and bathrooms with a brush and disinfectant. They also forget to wash their hands after using the washroom. This can cause urine and other kinds of infections.

4. They do not usually have home cooked meals

Most men do not like to carry home cooked food. They carry food to work only if it is prepared by roommates, wives or their girl friends. With bachelors the tendency is to have street food – perhaps a hot dog, burger, a meat ball sub or take out noodles. Such foods are high in carbohydrate and fat content and are a major cause of obesity, heart failure and high 

5. They do not apply suns cream or moisturizing lotions
Some men are very particular about their fake manly image. Their idea of being a man is associated with the staying away from beauty products. Skin protection from ultra violet rays and moisturizing their dry skin during winters is something that they do not prefer doing.

6. They keep their room messy and untidy

Cleanliness is the first step towards health and hygiene but when it comes to men, most lack the basic civic sense of washing their dishes after meals. They pile up the dishes, wear unwashed clothes, do not dispose of garbage on a daily basis and pile up their bed with clothes and other things. This leads to infections, illnesses and even skin rashes.

7. They avoid crying to vent out their feelings

Boys don’t cry – that is the principle that most boys are brought up with. Hence when they are sad, angry or frustrated, they bottle up their emotions and refuse to let out their feelings in a healthy manner.cholesterol levels.

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