Friday, April 5, 2013

No More Waiting By The Phone !!!

No More Waiting By The Phone -girl phone waiting
I'm not telling you to be a ‘player,’ but I am encouraging you to play the field and maximize your single life with as many people as possible.

Boy meets girl, boy asks for girl's number, girl waits by the phone in hopes that boy will call. Haven't we all witnessed this scene quite a few times? We've all been "girl" and there have been many "boys"  - some who called, others who never did. While we can't control the actions of "boys", we can control our reactions and never wait by the phone again! 

As a fellow single woman, I understand what it is to exchange contact information with "Mr. Right of the Night" in hopes that he'll call, you'll date, marry and ride off into eternity on a white horse. However, I've had to break myself of these expectations, learning to take things one little itty bitty step at a time because nothing is more heartbreaking than unmet expectations. This means that you need to push yourself to continue to lead a fulfilling and adventurous life with or without "boy".

Most likely you've given him your cell phone number which means if he's going to call he can reach you whether you're in the house on the couch or out having the time of your life. Why not be out enjoying life? 

Ever hear the saying, "a watched pot never boils"? The more you check on the pot, the longer it seems to take for the water to come to a boil. This isn't to say the water truly boils quicker or slower either way, but one thing’s for sure - time goes by faster when you're having fun. Pot of water or waiting by the phone – they're both torturous and unnecessary! If the fire's on, the pot will boil, and if the connection is there, the guy will call. 

In the meantime, live your life. Meet other "boys", keep them on rotation until one makes your heart stop! Waiting on Boy A won't be so painful if you're Skyping Boy C while you text Boy B. I'm not telling you to be a ‘player,’ but I am encouraging you to play the field and maximize your single life with as many people as possible. Whoever you are supposed to be with will meet you right where you are, so you don't have to wait around!

Many friends inquire as to how/why I have so many dates and it's simply because I don't "hold my breath" on any one guy until he shows me that he's ready to go to the next step. I don't expect anything from new relationships which means I save myself a ton of heartbreak when a guy doesn't do what he says he'll do or call when I think he should. When a man is truly interested, he'll prove himself to be true and you won't have to wait around for him to do it. Be empowered, love yourself and love will meet you out on the field –having fun!

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