Friday, April 5, 2013

Dine In Pitch Black! & Other Unique Valentine Ideas

Dine In Pitch Black! & Other Unique Valentine Ideas - love romantic candles
Take him to a “dine in the dark” experience, where his sense of taste will be heightened by a pitch black dining room.

Touted as the “Most romantic day of the year,” some spend all year looking forward to St. Valentine’s Day, while others can’t wait until it’s over. It really all depends where you stand in your relationship and what your current outlook on love is at the time. Celebrating the same event over and over each year can become monotonous and keeping it interesting can pose a challenge….especially if you’re lucky enough to keep celebrating it with the same person each year.

There are some great ways to keep the spark alive and make your Valentine’s Day feel like the first one each and every time. Try some of these things to keep your man guessing and the romance hot:

1.Spontaneity Is Key
You never want to become predictable.  Keep your man guessing by always changing up your plans. If you went to a nice dinner last year, it’s okay to do it again, but kick it up a notch. Take him to a “dine in the dark” experience, where his sense of taste will be heightened by a pitch black dining room. Opaque has a reputation for great food, and is known for hosting the best “dark dining experiences.” It’s like taking a walk on the wild side…minus the danger! It’s also a fun way to bond as you’ll have no choice but to talk to one another since you’ll be sitting in the dark, and you might even try feeding each other. While it may get a bit messy, it is a fun way to interact and try new things with your other half.

2.Step Outside The Box
While I’m sure your man knows you like the back of his hand, stepping outside of the box will help to keep him on his toes. Go to your local sex shop and get some fun additions to the bedroom. If you’re just dabbling in a new world of sex play, look into things like flavored lubricants, chocolate sauce for the body, sex books and games. Taking control in the bedroom is one of the biggest turn-ons for men and using a book or a board game can help to take the worry of winging it. When you visit the store, don’t be afraid to speak to someone who works there, they will make you very comfortable and will guide you in the right direction.

3.Keep It Thoughtful
Nothing speaks to a man more than when he knows you really care and that you have consciously put thought into your gift and date ideas. Many women think that a man is supposed to be the creative and romantic one, but turn the tables a bit and go the extra mile. Recreate your first date with one another by putting together a basket of goodies that represent when the two of you first met (movie ticket stubs, favorite foods, photographs, etc.). This is also a very affordable way to show your love. You can head to your local Big Lots or discount store and gather all of the supplies to make a thoughtful impact with your sweetie this year.  They have the best Valentine’s Day items on the shelves this time of year. 

Remember that this day comes every year, so don’t pull out all the stops each and every time and don’t stress out about it. You want to save some of your tricks for the years to come, but if you follow any or all of the above tips, you’re sure to have a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day this time around.

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