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How To Make a girl Laugh ??!!

How To Make a girl Laugh  - man and woman laughing
Here is a fact to keep in mind: a woman's interest in you is directly proportional to how much she laughs when she’s with you.

Does Humor Work To Pick Up Women?

In the ongoing pursuit of female companionship, it's vitally important to differentiate yourself from your competition. While there are numerous ways of doing this: tattooing her name on your calf, crunk dancing- a la Step Up 2 The Streets, frosting your tips and rocking a pink Lacoste shirt; none are as simple or as effective as humor. That’s right, make her laugh and you’ll naturally stand out from the other meatheads in the room and leave her vying for your attention.

You don't need extensive sociological or psychological research to arrive at the conclusion that women prefer a man with a good sense of humor. In fact, if there is any doubt in your mind, go to any dating site and take a gander. Actually, I've taken the liberty, here is a posting from an online source in the ‘women seeking men’ category:

Hi my name is Anonymous, I just moved out here from Never Land Valley Ranch. I'm looking to meet a new companion-not a sexual partner or people who are messed up in the head. I'm just looking for someone cool to hang out with, maybe catch a movie or have coffee with. I'm completely independent, Please be between the ages of 20-35. It is requested that you are not an ass or a jerk-just have a sense of humor, a big heart, and be able to connect on a small intellectual level.

I've modified this personal ad just slightly to preserve the anonymity of the individual. However, I will assure you that the authentic texture and import of this piece remains completely intact. Now, to answer the age-old question and to reaffirm my proposition, what do women want?

Here it is, directly from the horse's mouth, "It is requested that you are not an ass or a jerk-just have a sense of humor, a big heart, and be able to connect on a small intellectual level." I don't think I have to transcribe what our Jane Austen has sententiously articulated for you to conceptualize my point, but just to reiterate - women want a man who makes them laugh. And, it is the purpose of this article to delineate several simple tips on how to be funny with a girl you're trying to pick up.

Next time you’re in the position of needing to conjure up ice-breaking small talk in a hurry, pause to think before you say something you shouldn't, like "You’re pretty tall for a chick," or "you have a muscular torso." There are some better ways to make her laugh (ie. With you, not at you) right off the bat, and keep the conversation going, which after all, is the goal.

Comedy 101
Mel Brooks said something akin to, "comedy is playing the straight absurd and the absurd straight." How do you incorporate this notion into your game? Employ absurdity into your rap (and for further reference, read "A modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift). If she asks you "what do you do for a living? Reply, in a deadpan cadence, "I specialize in declawing felines." Or conversely, if she asks you something trivial, like, "do you like your drink"? Say, in an ascending excitable voice, “This is the greatest drink I've ever had in my entire life; it’s like drinking from the holy grail- in fact, I see Jesus melting before my eyes- behold, proverbs 11:25 ‘who refreshes others will be refreshed!’- now let's go refresh and get ourselves another drink!" Okay maybe not the whole rant, but here’s a truth: being able to quote something means you have a brain, which is a big plus for interesting women.

Be Yourself
Play to your strengths and be yourself. Don't be "Rico Botz," the automaton who impersonates his favorite comedian. If you hear something funny, don't impersonate it, make it your own by adding your own flavor to it.

Quote Girly TV
Oprah says, "getting lucky is when preparation meets opportunity."  So true, especially when you consider another proven way to make chicks giggle: movie and TV lines from their favorite shows. You don't have to be creative or witty, you just need to do some homework to prepare yourself. Go home and watch the following: Mean Girls, High Fidelity, Friends, and Sex and the City. Cull from them a few one liners, maybe a plot point or two, and definitely a comedic scene. Then when you’re out on your date, pepper the one liners into your conversation to set yourself up. If she happens to recognize them, which she will if it’s from one of the aforementioned, she will be immediately impressed at your comedic sensibilities. Before you know it, you and your target will be chuckling over the time Rachel left Monica's shirt in the dryer and it caught fire, burning off Chandler's pubic hair (don't think this episode of "Friends" exists- just making my point).

Bar Jokes
I've heard the phrase silence is golden. Well so is simplicity. Keep it simple. Bar jokes are easy to find online and relatively easy to remember if you remain sober. Before you meet her, peruse the internet and find half a dozen bar jokes that are not overly offensive and not too sexually explicit. When you hit that moment of inevitable awkwardness, or whatever the errant line is, take a moment- pause- and break out one of your bar jokes. They are certainly cliché, but helpful if you find yourself in a pinch. You'll be surprised at some of the bar jokes that women find funny.

Self-Deprecating Humor
You can always make people laugh by picking on yourself. Pick one of your many flaws and make it humorous, but not off-putting. A friend of mine has a forehead like a Mack-Truck, one of his openers to the ladies is, "Chicks dig me because I don't have a forehead- I have a five-head!" Goofy? yes. But it works on several levels: first, it shows he is confident- a desirable characteristic; secondly, it’s easily perceived, and thirdly, it’s funny- because he made it funny. If perception is reality, he created (or significantly influenced) their perception of his gigantic forehead. Instead of being potentially reduced to the Corky Thatch look-a-like had he not said anything, he is now the funny guy with the forehead. Of course you need to have the charm to back it up, but this can get you in the door.

Use Your Environment
No matter what environment you’re in, there is a comical moment in the works. Keep your eyes open for it. Depending on where you are, it can be two dogs humping in a park, a fat man riding a scooter, a child picking his nose, etc. Once you spot it, make some witty or satirical comments about it. It puts her at ease to know that you’re someone who notices the world around him and isn’t afraid to put himself out there to make you laugh.

Now that you know how to be funny, prepare yourself, practice, and the go out and do it. You won't be disappointed, I promise you that. Also, here is a fact to keep in mind: a woman's interest in you is directly proportional to how much she laughs when she’s with you.

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