Sunday, April 14, 2013

Go Dancing !!!

Go Dancing - man guy woman girl dancing at club
It’s physical, rhythmic, and gets the blood pumping. There are very few ‘date night’ choices that mimic sex so closely!

Women like men who know how to move. This is no secret. But what some men might not realize is that taking a woman dancing could be the best way to get her in the mood. It’s physical, rhythmic, and gets the blood pumping. There are very few ‘date night’ choices that mimic sex so closely!

As a bonus, going dancing gives women a chance to dress up, which makes us feel sexy. Plus a woman wearing a sexy club dress is much more likely to also be wearing her laciest bra and panty set. This bodes well for the evening. Not that it’s all about getting laid of course, but who doesn’t want to drum up passion over a promising evening?

Going dancing is also a great way to get to know someone. You can learn a lot about a person when dancing is the subject of conversation because it gives you a chance to talk about music, the club scene in your area, places you’ve been in the past, your first dancing experiences etc. Or you might get the flat out “No, I don’t dance” which give you the chance to see how flexible this person might be. Will he be a sport and go with you? Or is this your chance to see his stubborn nature early on in your relationship?

What Genre?
You and your date have a number of dance options to choose from, depending on where you live. You can go to a rave style dance club where you’ll hear electronic pop with a driving beat all night, you can go the Latin route and try your moves with sexy salsa, mambo and marengue, you can go country and western line dancing, or retro swing dancing – the list goes on. You can even find one of those piano bar restaurants where people get up and dance a bit before dinner. It’s very soap opera, but making a comeback! Ask your date what kind of dancing they like and take that as your cue, or present something daring out of the blue to see if they’re game.

Check Out The Club First
Your friend may have told you about some hot new club, but don’t take his or her word for it. Before you ask your new crush to trip the light fantastic with you anywhere, check it out first. You can do an on-line tour, or even better, show up one night to see what the vibe is like. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter if they will – you want to be as comfortable as possible. Don’t lock yourself into a place you’ve never been, unless your date suggests it. Try to find a place that has a good lounge area to sit and talk. Then in case you both decide dancing’s not going well, you have somewhere to retire to without having to pick a new destination - just yet.

Can You Dance?
At some point you’ll have to ask yourself this question. You might even want to ask your friend who recommended the club. Has he or she seen you dance? Should you work on your moves? Luckily it’s the age of the Internet, so you’ll be able to find youtube videos galore on how to perform any dance you can think of. Or take some friends out and see how comfortable you feel on the floor.

Be Adventurous
Women like excitement. She won’t care if you’re the best dancer on the floor, but she’ll be put off if you act like a wallflower when you get there. Even if you’ve never been swing dancing in your life, she’ll love you for being game to try it. Remember that a man who takes his best shot at something is much more appealing than a guy who’s too self-conscious to try.

Break out of your dinner and a movie rut and consider asking your next date out for dancing. The afterglow you share from moving together out on the dance floor is guaranteed to bring you closer together.

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