Sunday, April 14, 2013

Foods to Avoid After a Cardiac Bypass !!!!

Foods to Avoid After a Cardiac Bypass - sweets - donats

Cardiac bypass surgery is known to benefit patients suffering from heart issues by repairing a number of heart ailments. But the treatment does not stop there.

Now is the time that you take certain precautions. Start with keeping a check on your diet. There are certain foods that you should totally avoid or have just in small measures if they are unavoidable.

Fried Foods
Fried foods have never been an idle dietary choice. They taste pleasant alright, but it comes with a baggage of not-so-pleasing elements. These foods are the very cause for heart disease, and when you consume them after your bypass, you are only inviting more trouble. They also contain sodium, which often leads to high blood pressure.

Red Meat
Folks who love to gorge on non-vegetarian food will have to curb their pangs for a while. Red meat is dripped into cholesterol and the carcinogens that are produced while cooking red meat also have adverse effects on heart.

Refined Grains
Refined grains are rich in sugar that makes them a natural choice to be away from your plate. During the processing of refined grains, bran and germ are done away with and there is thus hardly any fiber or vitamins left in them fiber is known to have medicinal properties to cure heart diseases, but with refined grains having very small measure of fiber and a large amount of sugar, its better you avoid it.

Fat-Rich Food
This should probably have been the first point, but it lies here owing to the fact that most of you are aware how heart diseases drive their force from food items that contain fats in high doses. Folks of all ages love donuts and dairy products form a part of most diets for just about everyone. Now that you had your bypass surgery, make a sacrifice!

Alcohol does not qualify to be a 'food' but it has been included so that you don't take for granted that you would be allowed to have it. Liver is not the only organ of your body alcohol is not nice to. Alcohol can very well pave way for your elegy if you are already suffering from heart ailments. Alcohol triggers triglycerides that adds to the fat in the blood and makes situation all the more perilous. It can give your heart vessels a whip that has nothing to do with martini.

While heart is pumping blood to all other organs in your body, it needs fuel to keep running. The only thing you need to make sure is that the fuel is not adulterated.

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