Saturday, April 13, 2013

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Less Bread !!!

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Less Bread !!!

Agreed, we are all striving hard to earn our breads. But please do not take that seriously enough to gorge on just bread for the rest of your lives. Facts and fictions aside,

to advise you to banish all sorts of bread from your diet chart would be a tad too impractical, but the overall bread intake should most definitely be reduced. As for the reasons, there are loads of them:

1. Has No Nutritional Value
Bread, no matter in what form, does not add to any nutrition in your body. When you are trying to satiate your cravings, you most likely are also looking to increase your intake of proteins and vitamins. Bread does not do that for you. It doesn’t even give you fiber. Though you can still continue to have some brown breads or whole grain breads, as they do have some amount of nutrients—but only some.

2. Has High Sodium Content
Breads contain high levels of sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure and heart diseases. If you are someone who has breads almost daily in breakfast, you are contributing to high levels of salt in your body. Bread in forms of sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs are very popular and increase the risk of heart diseases manifold.

3. Adds To Weight Gain
Though breads contain only a small amount of calories, having them every morning does amount to a lot of calorie-intake. When had in the form of cakes or burgers, the extra salt or refined sugar also contributes to weight gain to a great extent.

4. Does Not Satiate Your Hunger
When it comes to choosing between white and brown bread, most people usually go for white bread, as it tastes better. But one of the problems with white bread is that it doesn’t fill you. The carb content is high, but lack other nutrients and has a hollow effect as a food.

5. Carries Gluten Issues
Gluten intolerance causes several diseases like celiac disease. Many people experience upset stomach after they have bread, which is a symptom of gluten intolerance. Not everyone is intolerant though, but those who are, must banish all forms of bread from their diet.

6. Drenched in Carbohydrates
Many items prepared from bread contain huge doses of carbohydrates. Though carbohydrates when consumed in smaller quantities benefit your body, excess of those only harm you. An overdose of carbs can cause ‘brain fog’, which means a decrease of cognitive functioning.

Eating carbohydrates in excess, particularly refined carbohydrates, can create a series of blood sugar highs and lows, causing a huge array of diseases, such as diabetes, heart attacks and brain damage. Give in to your temptations once in a while, but keep a constant check on it!

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