Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Most Common Medical Myths—Busted !!!

10 Most Common Medical Myths—Busted - sugar cubes

Medical myths are universal and do create a lot of discrepancy among those who believe them. It seems many of our ‘tried and tested’ approaches to diseases are nothing of the kind.

Some of the most common medical myths that you need to get rid of include:

1. Drink At Least 8 Glasses Of Water A Day
Water is not your only source of liquid intake. There are juices, tea, milk, curd, etc, which you must also include. Adding to that, eight glasses of water isn’t going to do miracles to your health. On the contrary, it can cause diseases like hyponatraemia and water intoxication.

2. Skipping Meals Is A Way To Lose Weight
Wish it was that easy! Starving yourself isn’t going to make an inch of a difference. If you skip breakfast, you are most likely to eat more in your lunch to satiate the elevated hunger. That would mean further weight gain.

3. Shaving Leads To Faster Growth of Hair
That’s the myth we have been foddered with since we were kids. Admit it, at some point in your childhood, your father has stopped you from playing with his razor because apparently running a razor on your cheek would have caused facial hair appear much before than it is supposed to.

4. Sucking A Wound
Banish this habit before the first word is spoken. You would be causing yourself serious infection in case you cut your finger and start sucking the wound. Our mouth is replete with bacteria which should be obvious from the fact that we have to brush it twice every day. Now you won’t want those bacteria to pass off to that wound, would you?

5. Chocolate Causes Pimples
Many self-acclaimed health experts would tell you that the reason behind the acnes appearing on your face is chocolate! Ignore such advice. Chocolate bars might trigger an acne flare-up, but if so, the culprit is probably the sugar, milk and gooey fillings, not the cocoa.

6. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Rather, keep the health Shakespeares away for a while. There is no denying the fact that apples are healthy and have medicinal properties. But the phrase is just overrating their importance. But if that’s your excuse for having lots of apples, so be it.

7. Bed Rest Can Cure Back Pain
Yes for any muscle or bone related issues, bed rest is important, but not a cure. For back pain specifically, there are specifically some exercises that would help you to relieve the pain. Let the physiotherapists do their job and make some money.

8. Sugar Makes Children Restless
Well, they might make you restless for sugary little stuffs, but biologically sugar has no such effect on kids.

9. Mouth Ulcers Are Contagious
Next time you want to kiss someone, don’t let the ulcers stop you. They are not contagious.

10. Injecting Through Stab At The Heart
Yes, they did that in Pulp Fiction, but that’s the only place you would see something like this. Doctors have never, and most likely will never, attempt anything like this.

In India, medical myths spring up at the drop of a hat. Yes there are a lot of good things in line for you, but there are also an awful lot of myths floating around. Sift fact from fiction and live healthy!

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