Monday, April 15, 2013

5 Most Common Reasons of Food Poisoning !!!

5 Most Common Reasons of Food Poisoning !!!

All of us occasionally suffer from an upset stomach, vomiting, and nausea following the intake of certain kinds of foods. While the food you consume might be a part of your daily diet, it may turn poisonous owing to the conditions it is subjected to.
Here are 5 most common reasons of food poisoning.

Undercooked Food

There are times when you tend to consume food that is either raw or not cooked to perfection. This food has a high risk of being a carrier of a number of bacteria that can result in food poisoning. While eating at a restaurant make sure that the food you consume is cooked properly. Raw meat, eggs, milk , beans amongst others can be dangerous for your system if not cooked properly.

Refrigerated Food

Owing to erratic working hours, the office going younger generation prefers cooking meals and storing it in the refrigerator. However, it is important to note that perfectly cooked food, if not reheated appropriately, can be a storehouse of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. By heating it well, you will kill the bacteria present in the food, thereby making it safe for consumption.

Contaminated Food

Washing fruits, vegetables and meat thoroughly with water is a golden rule of cooking. Dust and other particles that may contain germs should be carefully removed from the produce. However, there are instances where even the water with which it is washed is contaminated and can result in food poisoning. Hence, it is imperative for you to ensure you clean it thoroughly before you cook and consume it.

Eating Expired Food

There are many occasions where you might have been in a hurry and not realized that the slice of bread that you are consuming is stale leading to food poisoning. Eating food that is expired can pose a great risk to your health. Make sure you are cautious about the date of expiry and always check the packet of food prior to consumption as well as buying.

Unhygienic utensils

Maintaining a good standard of hygiene in the kitchen and during the process of cooking is very essential. Sanitizing the utensils that you use to prepare your daily meals with soap can prevent bacteria to be accumulated in them. By doing so, you are plummeting the risk of food poisoning for anyone who eats the food.
Ensuring the intake of clean, healthy and nutritious food is important for one to remain fit and build a strong immunity to help the body from keeping diseases at bay.

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