Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Best Substitutes of Meat !!!

Nuts - 5 Best Substitutes of Meat

Turning into a vegetarian but worried you won’t be able to replace the essential protein along with other essential nutrients that meat provides? Read through the article to find out the best 5 substitutes of meat.

1. Tofu
Tofu is an excellent soy based protein, which is available in regular, soft and firm variations. Tofu can be incorporated as a chief substitute of meat as the texture of the ingredient is very close to meat. Toss it in a salad or simply stir-fry it and it will turn out to be a perfect meal for you meat lovers.

2. Legumes
Beans, lentils, which belong to the legume family, are known to be an excellent source of protein, iron and potassium. This alternative to meat is also high in fiber as well as low in fat and hence can fit perfectly in your diet.
There are numerous preparations to suit the Indian palate and otherwise that one could experiment with when it comes to the legume family. Add them in your salad, eat it as snack or main course it all tastes yummy and gives you the requisite nutrition.

3. Dairy Products
Consuming a considerable amount of dairy products on a regular basis can be a great way to ensure that your body is getting essential nutrients especially calcium. Replace the meat on your favorite pizza with some layers of cheese. There are a number of low fat yogurts, ice creams and cheeses available in the market to keep you healthy and fit.

5. Nuts
A vegetarian diet requires substitutes for protein that one derives from meat. This can be made simple with the intake of rich nuts like walnuts and almonds that are sources of protein and fiber required for your body. You can begin your day with a handful of these
nuts or include it in a milkshake or just add them to your savory dishes. Experiment with different ingredients and replace the meat in your diet with vegetarian ingredients as it can give you all the required vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients apart from adding flavor in your meals too.

4. Eggs
For all you eggetarians, substituting meat with eggs can be a brilliant choice, both in terms of taste and nutritive value. Eggs are a rich source of protein that can be incorporated in your breakfast in different preparations. Eat it boiled, scrambled, fried and enjoy its benefits. It can be a great replacement in rice, salads, soups and even pizza if you love experimenting with food.

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