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30 Ways to Deal with Depression !!!!

30 Ways to Deal with Depression  - depressed man

There are some days when the human mind is at its best, and others in which it is at its worst.
Depression is one of those ailments experienced by everyone in their lifetime. Here are some ways to help you cope with depression.

1. Self-Awareness
People generally suffer from depression because they do not understand the events in their lives and tend to push themselves a little too much. Lack of self-awareness with respect to demanding situations can put one in a depressed state of mind.

2. Ask for Help
There is no shame in seeking help to handle situations in life. No one expects to take on the burdens of life alone. Seeking a helping hand from your spouse, colleague or friend will relieve some of your emotional burdens.

3. Exercise Regularly
Exercise is the perfect way to beat the blues. Not only does it aid in a better physique, but also pumps up positivity in the system. Exercising helps release serotonin and testosterone, which stabilize moods and keep depressing thoughts at bay.

4. Regular Vacations
A change of scenery is always conducive in keeping negative thoughts away. There’s nothing like a day-trip to bring positivity back in life. So, the next time you feel depressed, pack your bags and leave for a vacation. People taking regular vacations throughout the year are less bogged down by the tediousness and monotony in life than those who slog continuously for weeks.

5. Balanced Diet
A healthy intake of fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes and carbohydrates will keep mood-swings away. A balanced diet not only sustains physical well-being, but also normalizes an upset mood.

6. Losing Weight
If your depression stems from weight issues, then losing weight might boost your mood to normalcy. Besides, physical fitness not only improves health, but also adds positivity to the self-image.

7. Good Friends
Good friends provide the necessary sympathy and provide personal counselling to help you get over depressing situations in life. Besides, having a good listener, in times of need, is extremely helpful in banishing doubt and negativity.

8. Blog or Journal
Keeping a written record of your daily emotional build-up is an excellent way for self-introspection and analysis. Keep a journal, regularly mentioning how you feel about your life. This will work wonders in uplifting you from depression.

9. Keep Away from Negative People
No one likes being around people who constantly bring others down. Steering clear of such people will help preserve peace of mind and sanity.

10. Quitting Your Job
If the source of your woes stems from the professional front, then quitting it will bring peace of mind. At the end of the day, you need to evaluate your goals without compromising on personal happiness and satisfaction. If your job is the deterrent, you should quit.

11. Avoid Isolating Yourself
When depressed, it is easy to keep yourself separate from the world. In doing so, you are only missing out on chances to recover. If not the entire solution, being around people does provide a wonderful distraction from depressing thoughts.

12. Don’t Blame Others
People often tend to blame others for unpleasant situations, thinking that it will make things right. You need to realize that blaming others, over circumstances beyond your control, will not undo the wrongs. Thus, it is futile to slander them unnecessarily.

13. Avoid Imagining the Worst in Situations
While it is thoughtful to be prepared for the worst in life, imagining the worst in every situation is taking the idea too far. This makes you lose your impetus to carry the task forward and plainly shuts out possibilities of success.

14. Talk to a Psychiatrist
The easiest and the most potent way out of depression is seeking psychiatric help. Consulting a psychologist will help in getting to the root of your depression and aid in alleviating the trouble.

15. Follow Prescription
The prescribed medication is the tool by which you can chemically undo the onset of depression. By following the prescribed dosage you will gradually be able to return to your normal mindset. Flouting the prescription, however, might result in erratic side effects and leave your ailment partially cured.

16. Raise a Pet
Pets have a wonderful way of connecting with their masters. Studies have shown that people with pets tend to escape the effects of depression, rather than those who live alone. Connecting with your pet on an emotional level will help you tide over your negative feelings.

17. Live for Today
There is no point in fretting over the mistakes of the past or worrying about the uncertainty of future. Since it is beyond your control, vesting your emotions in the situation will hardly be fruitful. Focus on ‘now’, ‘here’ and ‘today’ instead of ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘tomorrow’

18. Don’t Expect Everyone to Understand
People live their lives trying to please others and on failing, tend to sink into depression. It is impossible to please everyone. Therefore, you should focus on your satisfaction, instead of prioritising everyone else’s.

19. Sleep Well
A good night’s sleep is all one needs to bounce back to positivity. Studies have shown that people sleeping for 7-8 hours every night show lesser symptoms of depression, when compared to the ones lacking sleep. Sleeping well helps in lessening emotional burdens and recovering from depression.

20. No Self Pity
Feeling sorry for yourself tends to heighten negativity. While it is the easiest state of mind to arrive at, it is often the hardest thought to banish. Looking at the brighter side of situation will take your mind off depressing thoughts.

21. Don’t Avoid Sexual Intimacy
While it is easy to feel wary of sexual comforts during depression, most people remain oblivious to the fact that sex is highly capable of uplifting depressed moods. The hormonal influx stabilizes depression and provides relief from mental pressures.

22. Prioritise Your Work
When it comes to work, people tend to bite off more than they can chew, often failing and giving way to depression. To this end, dividing your work in smaller achievable batches will make you stay away from disappointments.

23. Avoid Blaming Yourself
While it is constructive to be self-critical, it is equally detrimental to overdo it. Blaming yourself for any given circumstance will only make you feel worse. You need to realize that since your actions can no longer alter the course of the situation, this introspective blame-game is utterly futile.

24. Be Realistic
When depressed, most people lose their touch with reality and end up setting unachievable standards for themselves. Failing to meet these expectations only ends up making them feel worse about themselves. In this case, one must learn to be realistic about their situations and stop comparing themselves with others. This will help recuperate from depression faster.

25. Listen to Music
When depressed, listening to uplifting music can be the fastest boost for the depressed mood. Music has the ability to alter moods, uplift spirits and heighten emotion. However, one should avoid listening to overtly emotional songs, as it can render a negative effect on the mood.

26. Read Self-Help Books
Renowned authors have written books providing aid on how to think positively. These books contain helpful, yet utterly simple advice on how one can tackle their depression. Reading such books will provide the necessary motivation to tide over one’s hopelessness.

27. Be Positive
Keeping a positive outlook in life is the best way to keep depressing thoughts out. Negativity is in the mind and by channelling thoughts into a positive direction, you can undo the effects of depression.

28. Soak Up the Sun
The warmth of the sun is conducive in banishing negative thoughts away. The Vitamin D synthesis from sunlight aids in hormonal release, which helps in stabilizing moods. So the next time you feel blue, step into the sun and watch your mood get better.

29. Vitamin Supplements
Nutrient deficiencies can also result in depressing moods. Consult your doctor on the manifesting symptoms and take vitamin supplements to set the balance right.

30. Colour Therapy
Colour and human psychology are closely related. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow are uplifting, while an excess of blues and greens tend to have a depressing effect. Painting your room with the above-mentioned stimulating colours will aid in banishing depressing thoughts away.
By following the tips suggested here, you shall be able to get rid of your depression for good.

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