Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Best Exercises For Stronger Abs !!!

3 Best Exercises For Stronger Abs !!!

Crunches and other abdominal exercises seem to be the most reliable ways for people looking to get those six packs, or at least get rid of the extra fat that is giving the

appearance of a bulge on their stomach. They are right, but that’s far from the only thing they need to do. There is a variety of exercises you must indulge in to get the abs you have always carved for:

1. Swiss Ball Exercises
Among the many benefits of the Swiss Ball exercises, strong abs is one. Once you have a Swiss ball in your workout zone, get into the push-up position. Then, instead of the ground, keep your feet on top of the ball. Now, as you have got yourself in this position, lift your hips up in the air so that your legs are travelling in the direction of your upper body. Keep your knees straight all this while. Get into the normal push-up position again, keeping your feet on the ball. The process has thus to be repeated. A consideration for this exercise includes using a ball that would suit your height.

2. The Hip Extensions Exercise
This is another beneficial exercise. Just lie on your back on the floor. Now place your feet on a chair or Swiss ball. Lift your upper body including your back so that it moves towards your legs, and your mid section is in line with the whole body. Now hold this position. Keep repeating the steps. This exercise does require a lot of endurance, which would come gradually with more and more rounds.

3. Ab Wheel
This exercise works best for the mid section. If you have never used ab wheel before, try performing the steps of ab wheel exercise using the Swiss ball. And then you can move on to the ab wheel. To use it, you need to first get down on your knees with the ab wheel in your close reach. Now you need to stretch your arms and roll until you reach the bottom of the wheel. Make sure your upper body is straight while performing this step. As you get comfortable with the exercise, you can later add weights by substituting a barbell for the ab wheel and start doing pounders.

Getting strong abs is not as hard as people make it sound, though it does require a determined application. It goes a long way in not only making you look good, but also boosting your wellness quotient.

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