Monday, April 15, 2013

10 Foods You Shouldn't Eat After A Workout !!!!

10 Foods You Shouldn't Eat After A Workout !!!!

Had a great workout this morning? Felt like the extra kilos are finally shaking off? Good! But the rigorous exercise must have made you super-hungry!

So, what did you do? Feasted, huh? Well, you may just have chosen the wrong food to do so. Here is a list of foods you must definitely avoid after that workout:

1. Raw Veggies
Whilst raw vegetables are amongst the healthiest and most nutritious of foods for the human body, they aren’t exactly the right foods to consume post-workout. Shocked? Here’s why: they simply aren’t substantial enough to help the body recover energy and restore metabolism.

2. Fast Food
French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs may be the dreamy thoughts in your head after that hard routine in the gym. True, you may be starving after those hours straining the muscles of your body. But the oily, calorie-heavy junk only lowers the rate of digestion and adds more fat to be stored in your body.

3. Salty Snacks
Chips, pretzels or other salty snacks are quite harmful if consumed straight after the workout. They shake the salt-water balance of the body and reduce the potassium levels in the body.

4. Sweetened Beverages
Fruit juices that are tinned or canned, aerated drinks and other sweetened beverages are a complete no-no post-workout. In fact, all your exercise goes in vain if you consume a glass or can of such a drink. If you are thirsty, go for plain drinking water instead.

5. Sweets and Desserts
Just as harmful sweetened drinks are, so are desserts, right after your workout. The body releases energy from the fat reserves right after the strenuous exercise. If you supply it with sweets soon after, this advantage will be lost.

6. Pizzas
Considered part of junk food, pizzas must definitely be avoided post-exercise. These are greasy, fatty foods, and a single slice can cause more harm than you could ever imagine.

7. Chocolates
While a great source of energy otherwise, chocolates straight after a workout would be a terrible thing to indulge in.

8. Energy Bars High on Sugar
A great source of energy on other counts; these must certainly be avoided after you have sweated out in the gym.

9. Cheese
All that the workout helps you shed is capable of being restored in the body with high saturated fat that processed cheese is likely to offer. So, it is best avoided after workout.

10. Bread
Bread is not a healthy post-workout food, since it converts starch into sugar very rapidly. White bread, especially, must completely be avoided.

If you desire serious and positive results from your workout, be careful about what you do and do not eat straight afterwards. A lot of water and some fruits to snack on can be the best bet to help maintain the effects of a rigorous workout! Stay healthy!

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