Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentines Day Celebration Via Internet !!!!

internet-love - Valentines Day Celebration Via Internet

The day of love , Valentines Day is soon approaching and most of the singles out there who find someone interesting is finding it difficult to express their emotions. The magical words, 'I Love You', which was once easy to say to that special person has become difficult.

A study was done and it showed that most people want to express these words either through the famous social networking site, Facebook or Twitter or simply type in at text via sms or mail. Is it so hard to tell another person how you feel about them?

Valentines day is all about expressing love and care towards someone you find attractive and seem to be interested in, but days have changed when this form of feeling will be expressed through our easy ways of technology. Gone are the days when you would find those romantic love letters laced with sweet smelling perfume and rose petals in the envelope.

A research was conducted and results showed that only nine percent of people ever sent their loved one a love letter, the rest of them preferred to show their emotions on text or Facebook or twitter.

As Valentines Day is soon approaching, the researchers have found out that couples keep their romance alive through the form of internet. The use of Skype technology and phone sex is the top two for steamy sessions. When asked about the feeling on Valentines Day and expressing their love , some source stated that a lot of people feel they don"t need to go through the 'courtship" stage any more. They want an instant relationship with instant physical contact, they feel they"ve not got enough time to romance their partner. But they underestimate how important this is. Making the effort to make someone feel loved is a really important part of a relationship.

Related to the old form of expressing love which is the love letter many believe that if they write a love letter it would not be original so therefore turning to the internet like Facebook and Twitter to express your emotions is the best. However, if you are online with your loved one this Valentines Day send her a bouquet of flowers.

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