Friday, January 4, 2013

Is Your Boyfriend The Husband Material?

happy-couple-kiss - Is Your Boyfriend The Husband Material

Isn't the future of a long time relationship marriage? Yes it is but till now he was your boyfriend and now to take the relationship to another step would mean to accept him as a husband. There is a huge difference between being a boyfriend and a husband. A husband has more rights and also a huge responsibility. Thus, in short your boyfriend needs to be a husband material for you to take the decision of being his wife.

How do you know your boyfriend is a husband material? Here's the answer :

1.Before you, he should be the one to want to be your husband. This shows his ability to take up the responsibility.

2.For him career should be of utmost importance. Career comes before love and that's practicality. This practical attitude makes your boyfriend a husband material.

3.Caring is a very wide term. Every person in a relationship is caring but to become a husband the care and concern is a much more focused term. Caring here means that he settles down in life to make your life comfortable.

4.No matter how advanced we have become, still husband is the head of the family. To become your husband your boyfriend should be dependable. He should not be depending on you.

5.He should love you for what you are. A boyfriend may or may not accept you your way but if he is to be your husband he will accept you with all your faults.

6.Your boyfriend is a husband material only if he gives you equal rights both in home and in your career. A relationship at power is always a successful relationship.

7.Both of you should be understanding of each other drawbacks, strengths and positive points. If he understand it, accepts it and supports you in being successful in future, he can be your husband.

8.Your success should be his aim. This is very difficult. In most of the relationships, woman being more successful is an issue of conflict. If he is to be your husband, your success will be his pride.

Check whether your boyfriend is a husband material on these eight points to make the right decision.

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