Friday, January 4, 2013

Reason Why Women Cheat On Their Partner !!!

Reason Why Women Cheat On Their Partner - girl - betrayal

You might be an awesome person, a man from mars perhaps and still wondering why she cheated on you with another man. If you could sit down and think, you can find out the real reason as to why she did cheat on you. Sometimes, it might be the guy's fault and in other cases she just might have got drifted away to greener pastures.

In this world, it has always been why men cheat on their woman and the reasons to why they cheat. Giving it a little thought, you would see below the reason why women cheat on their partners.

This is a well known reason why women cheat on their partners. Men who are workaholics have no time to spend with their beloved, so she finds her way through and looks for comfort and compassion in another man who can give it to her. A woman who feels lonely and left in the cold by her existing partner is one of the top reasons.

 Another reason why women cheat on their partners is because they do not feel intimacy in the relationship. The foundation of love is based on trust, love and of course intimacy. So when one of this is lost, she looks for it elsewhere.

An important thing in a relationship to remember is to not let your union go to that extent of where your partner feels bored of you. Try out various ways to keep your relationship and love alive and not let her walk out on you. Go on surprise dates, take her out on a holiday and simply send her goodies with a bunch of beautiful red roses now and again to show you care about her in the most special ways.

This is a very strong word that is used in a relationship. It could be one of the most common reason why women cheat on their partners. In order to get satisfaction from their previous heart breaks, the girl would take revenge on her partner to make him know how it feels to be hurt.
Reading this, you might feel pleased to know why now she walked out on you, but facts is facts these are the real reason why women cheat on their partners.

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