Friday, January 4, 2013

Live In Relationship For An Indian Couple !!!!

salaam - Live In Relationship For An Indian Couple

India, a country having rich values, customs and beliefs has made its people proud. The old traditions in India are still followed but things like a live in relationship is a new addition which 80 percent of Indians today still do not prefer.

Marriage, for an Indian couple is a sacred union and compared to living together before you tie the knot , a marriage is more preferred to many, first in foremost because it is legal and above all you have gain high respect in society.

As per old traditions in India, they feel that a live in relationship is a 'sin' for it is basically a couple who is living together and having a relationship just like a married couple!

A live in relationship is a Western adaptation in India and people in the United States feel that living together makes the relationship grow as the couple gets to know each other better. Whereas for an Indian couple , living together before marriage is a bad concept.

For some of those youngsters residing in India they tend to blend in well with a live in relationship for they feel that adapting to the Western lifestyle is right and would make it all the more simple to keep the relationship going. On one hand, if you look at the disadvantages of a live in relationship, you would not want to go in for it. Indian couples who are in love with each other and want to try out this western lifestyle move in together, but what happens if the relationship does not work out in the future? Moving out will be easy no doubt but where will your respect , self esteem and pride go in society?

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