Friday, January 4, 2013

Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day For You !!!

Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day For You - gift ideas - man giving woman flowers rose

When it comes to Valentines' Day all you can think of is the color red. On this special occasion you would find red roses in every girl's hand, couple in shades of red and all fancy in love. This Special Valentine's Day, have a major change! Why not try out a green Valentine's Day? If you are still wondering what I am saying, well lets go the Eco-friendly way this 14th February 2011.

Many of us believe to save the earth in every little possible way we can so why not start from the moment of love. Love has no boundaries so you can take the first step today in planning your Eco-Friendly Valentine's day.

Let me tell you the most simplest ways to have an Eco-Friendly Valentines Day, this 14th February,2011.

 This is the most common Valentines Day gift every man would give to his special woman. For an Eco-Friendly Valentine's day wrap her fine jute and terracotta jewelry in beautiful handmade paper. To purchase these types of jewelry you can visit the most famous shop in Bangalore, India known as 'Jute Village/Cottage' and 'Desi' where you will find variety of designs and colors to your lady's fashion style. Nest in Rwanda also provides you with different Eco-friendly jewelry.

Women love this word and moreover chocolate drives a woman insane! This Eco-Friendly Valentine's day try out the organic chocolates which is made out of rich coco and milk. The company Sjaak's Organic chocolate provides to you this facility of purchasing it online.

3.Stuff Toys
This Valentine's day, give her something special other than the comfy red pillow or the huge stuffed dog. Try out the Organic stuffed monkey which is completely lovable and cute. A very ethical type of Valentines Day gift.

 This type of Valentines Day gift symbolizes 'love'. If you have never seen green roses, be the first to purchase them at any organic bouquet. This Eco-Friendly Valentine's day surprise her with these Eco-friendly roses. 
Celebrate Valentine's day, this 14th February 2011 in a much better way with the one you love.

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