Friday, January 4, 2013

Crazy Things Valentines Do In Love !!!

Crazy Things Valentines Do In Love - man and woman flower rose

Romance is in the air since the day of love, Valentines Day, is heating up around the corner. There are some things that both men and women agree to have done in love.

Recently, on the radio there was a competition where the listeners would tell their story as to how far and what extent they have done something crazy in their relationship.Many who did participate in this competition came up with the weird things they have done for their love, others funny and out of the box.

The winner of the competition was a girl who shared an uncanny experience with the radio jockey where she explained she had jumped a seven foot wall to go visit her boyfriend who fought with her. Later, she had injured her leg and he still dint pay attention to her. So lets see the crazy things some people do when in love.

1.The common thing that men usually do in love is to scar their bodies with the name of their lady love. There have been times when friends close to me have done this to prove their love for the girl they are interested in. This is absolutely a crazy thing to do when you are in love.

2.Love can drive you crazy for sure but not to an extent where it will positively make you mad. There are women though who have got tattoos of their boyfriends on their lower back and arms and when they are out of the relationship they remove it which is a difficult and painful process. Doing this for love to prove your commitment is stupid!

3.Since the day of love, Valentines Day is nearing, those single women and single men who are falling in love for the first time will try out various things to get the girl's attention. There are some men who love stalking girls and trying to be the center of attraction so that she is aware of his movement around her. This is one crazy thing men do in love.

4.When in comes to women in love, there is one incidence I can share with you about craziness. A close friend of mine told her boyfriend that she is pregnant so that she can stay with him longer as he wanted to leave her for someone else. This type of craziness people do in love is quite common all over the world.
To fall in love is a wonderful feeling, but doing crazy things in love is a risk. There are many couples who do take this risks as they feel it is worth it and an adventure for a lifetime.

Do not try these stunts this, 14th February Valentines Day as you can fall in love the right way by expressing your emotions and start by sending her Valentines Day goodies and flowers.

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