Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Worst Marriage Proposal Ideas !!!

Worst Marriage Proposal Ideas - fails - lead

Proposing for marriage is a big thing for the guy and a dream for a girl. Therefore it is very important to make that special moment a memorable one. A silly mistake can spoil the whole mood. Be it a face to face or internet marriage proposal, make it the best day.
Here are worst marriage proposal ideas which should be avoided if you want to hear a Yes!

Bad location:
 Proposing at the wrong location like a public place is a worst location to propose for marriage if she is reserved and doesn't like to make things common. Always select the best location to impress her and get her into the mood. She will never say 'no'

Wrong placement:
 If you place the ring inside food or drink, it might be dangerous. Be careful while placing the ring. Hiding a ring inside the drink glass is acceptable but in food is a worst marriage proposal idea. The ring should be cleanly presented as girls love rings and want them to be impressive so for the first impression avoid spoiling the ring's beauty.

 Girls Love romance like the actors do in movies. So, to propose for marriage, choose some romantic ideas like flowers and her favorite gifts.

No phone: 
Proposing for marriage through phone is a worst marriage proposal idea. To propose for marriage choose face to face idea to know her reaction. This will also help you express your feeling and emotions.

Its not funny:
 Proposing for marriage is not a funny moment. Don't take it lightly. It is going to be a memorable time which will be recollected in front of your kids by her. Utilize your day with proper planning.

Marriage day:
 Many films have given marriage proposal idea of expressing on the day of her marriage to some other man. This is the worst marriage proposal idea. Never wait till her marriage day as she might forget you by that time. Always express your feelings when you feel you have chances of losing her if you delay.

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