Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smart Ways To Deal With Ex-Girlfriends !!!

Smart Ways To Deal With Ex-Girlfriends - woman - gun - man

You can always handle your present girlfriend as she is in love with you but what about the Ex-one? Well, if she is insane, hopeless, bratty and highly irritating then you shouldn't allow her to disturb your life. Today, we shall talk about the ways to avoid your ex-girlfriend with some simple tips. These tips will help you say “Ta Ta Bye Bye" to her forever. Take a look.
Tips To Deal With Ex-Girlfriends -

1. Do not give too many details of your ex-girlfriend to your present as women are always in a tendency to doubt men. Try avoiding the topic every time your girlfriend asks about your ex. Tell her what you didn't like in your ex and the reason for the split, this will clear all her doubts once in for all.
2. Do not part ways from your ex girlfriend. Meet her and make her realise that you can good friends even though you couldn't be good partners. This way, you will not be giving her a chance to spoil your present relationship. As friends you may not meet often but at least will have positive feelings for each other.
3. May be she is the worst person you ever met but try and help her when she is in need. This will not only change your villian ex-girlfriend but will also make your present girl feel proud about you. Be open to your present about whatever you do to your ex.
4. Ex-girlfriends always try to take revenge so stay alert and get diplomatic when you feel something is about to happen. Tell your friends not to keep in touch with the ex one as it may spoil your relationship with them and with your present.
5. One of the best ways to deal with your ex-girlfriend is to chuck all the stuff presented by her as your current one shouldn't feel that you still think of her and miss her. There are chances where your ex may meet your present and discuss about the gifts that she gave you.

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