Friday, November 23, 2012

Women Dating Younger Men !!!

older-woman-dating-younger-man - Women Dating Younger Men !!!

Women dating younger men and it is rising at its peak in the world of love. This stereotype relationship is gradually getting accepted in the society. The social change towards acceptance of women dating younger men has encouraged lovers to think positive towards their love irrespective of the age difference and the social stigma.
Many women dating younger men recorded both in the Bollywood and Hollywood film industry are setting examples for such relationships. Celebrities are dating elder women regardless of 10-15 years of age difference. But is this new love phenomena in the air is right? Of course is the answer coming from various couples who feel that age is just a social aspect of an individual and age difference is the key to many successful relationships.
Women dating younger men relationships make the guy feel that elder women are sensitive, practical, wise and matured both in mental and physical matters. There are few men who get attracted to older women in physical terms but majority of men fall for women who can take care of them and love them and age does not matter to them.
Age variations is fearful after few years of the older women and younger men relationship as the worries of a man towards his wife's growing age pins him. There are other problems in dating elder women as younger men are men after all and age will not change their attitude. Constant fights, family problems on the acceptance of couples age variations, woman's success in career and her domination over the guy directly hits his ego and makes him severe all ties with his love. Strong understanding, mutual bonding, accepting each other the way they are and taking out the very 'Age Difference' words from their mind will help develop their relationship.
Elder men marrying younger women is following since ages and there are break ups also which is mainly due to male domination and ego clashes. Older women and younger men relationships have therefore entered the world of love to stand up as a successful form of love relation.
Older women and younger men relationships are found to be more interesting, experimental, strong financial status and seductive. As the common saying goes, love is irrespective of age, caste, creed and color. So, women dating younger men is not a sin as women find them very jovial, active and fun loving due to their immaturity which is hidden deep inside them. Social barriers are no more applicable to such couples who have a strong hold towards their relationships and have even set examples of a successful marriage.

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