Friday, November 23, 2012

Expressing Your Love Through Letters Or Internet?

Expressing Your Love Through Letters Or Internet? - love letter - hearts

When you are in love, there are a number of ways to show how much you care for the other person. 
Those were the days, when a lover used to write beautiful love letters, pouring their heart out. But, today, times have changed when the internet world has captured the hearts of many.

From e-cards to visualized love letters to love slogans, they have become friendly to use and doesn't absorb time too! But, if you are really in love with a person, is 'time' an important aspect? It should be, if you are unaware of it!
The topic discussed today, is 'Are love letters a past way of expressing love'? A survey, was conducted on college students and office people and both had different sides to it!
Youngsters, believe that they have all the time in the world to express love in the form of love letters. They firmly take a stand and claim to state that expressing love in the form of penning it down carries a long way, as one tends to save it, hide it and look at it for years down the lane. On one hand, technology does not give one this facility, therefore, youngsters say that to express love, a love letter sprinkled with perfume and written on classy paper with hearts strewn all over the sheet, is indeed a romantic way to say 'I Love you.'
According to office going couples, they believe that expressing love on a piece of paper is indeed romantic, but where is the time? The art of writing these creative and committed love letters has lost their charm as one has the computer in front of them all day long, so if there is a necessity in expressing love to your partner, all you have to do is send them mail, added with a bouquet of virtual flowers and a teddy holding a box of chocolates , saying 'I love you'!
Though, both of these ways are exquisite in expressing love, which one do you still prefer?

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