Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Women Feel Men Are Perverts?

man looking - staring at woman - Why Women Feel Men Are Perverts

Why are men perverts? Women often come across men who are perverts and always think about lovemaking when it comes to women. Why is it so?
The answer is, it is their nature and the constant brain rushes make them think about this. This is very common among all men. The interest to get the woman laid makes a man crazy. If ever they get a chance to get a peak of the woman near him, he will never lose it.
Men are perverts because they almost every time think about orgasm. Even a happily married man will once get his pervert mind in a day or every hour. Men feel they are programmed to think about lovemaking after every 5 minutes and that is what makes them a man!
For men, being a pervert is a matter of pride. The nature also makes them a pervert. Generally, in the Indian society, it is the man who thinks and takes initiative so the thought process makes them always think about lovemaking and get into deep imagination.
Men of any age after getting matured starts becoming pervert. The trend setter for the young guys is their male counterpart who automatically make them think pervert. The new addiction towards porn videos among young guys and the attraction towards lovemaking makes them more pervert.
In the teenage years, the sex drive of the boys is at the highest peak so they tend to think about it but gradually it reduces among few whereas few stick to it and move ahead.
It is said that men secrete testosterone every 30 minutes which make them imagine about orgasm naturally. So, it is their nature and no one can help it if men are perverts. If you try to stop them from thinking then they tend to think more as it is in their body and they feel helpless.

But girls don't like to be around pervert guys and always feels why guys always have a pervert mind. Pervert guys can be disheartening to the girl but she can't help it. Many guys feel left out due to their pervert nature. Women don't like to talk pervert so feel disrespectful and uncomfortable if a pervert nature guy comes across.
There is no solution to the pervert minds of men. They can't stop thinking about libido and if they stop women will be in trouble as it is men who needs to be perfect in it! It can be harmful to the relationship if the girl hates it, so be careful!

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