Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 5 Things Men Want To Change In Women !!!

things-men-want - Top 5 Things Men Want To Change In Women

For all men out there, here is something they can relate to. Men, be it from any world, would always want women to change in a few aspects. Today, let's see the top 5 things that men would want women to change. Take a look.
May be men have their own set of secrets about women which they will never share but use them at the right time. Here's a few things that we asked and made a list to help singles know more about women.

Top 5 Things Men Want To Change In Women -

1. Being a secret book 
 For men, it is about being honest in communication. They would want a woman who could speak up her feelings frankly and justify her opinion. Another reason why men would expect women to speak up is because they feel that the straightforward attitude means telling the truth. 

2. Independent 
Today's men would like their women to be independent, self-sufficient, smart and secure. They choosing men shouldn't be out of desperation. They would like women to single handedly deal with things, be proud of the identity and has her friends and interests in life.

3. Maturity 
Men would want their women to be mature and emotionally stable. They would like ladies who have a good personal responsibility and know to handle relationships. They want women to be emotional, mature, supportive and balanced. 

4. Commitment
Out of the changes men would look for in women, this in the prime most. Infidelity in something men will never ever stand. They would like a woman who is ready to have a serious commitment in relationship. They want the trust, faith and respect to be and remain in the partner, in a long run. 

5. Respect One Another
 Men would those women who have respect for self and for one another. They would expect women to get over with their ego during an argument and solve issues in a peaceful way. Women will loved when they appreciate their partner and less criticize. Acknowledge is the one of the ways to keep the relationship strong. This is the best relationship advice.

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