Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Women Are Into Double Timing Or Dating?

Why Women Are Into Double Timing Or Dating? - woman cheating

Men are always considered as cheats but these days, women are also getting into this addiction. Gone are the days when men used to do two timings and poor women used to be betrayed. These days, even women are into two timings. According to an new survey, researchers believe that women are more likely to double timing when compared to men. This may be due to the hectic and busy life of a man! Lets check out why women get into double timing or dating to find alternative love.
Reasons behind double timing or dating:

Lack of love: 
This is a common reason why women cheat by double dating. Men don't express themselves which makes women think unwanted. To keep the romance and relationship live, you have to express your feelings and make the lady love feel important and wanted. Women if not loved and caressed feels distracted and loses interest in her man. Her thirst to get loved when fulfilled by another man makes her run for new love.

Weak relationship:
If the existing relationship is weak in terms of love, trust and romance, the woman tends to fall out of love. A careless and unloving partner forces a woman to search for a new love.

Too busy partner: 
Having a busy partner who seldom takes out time for the woman is another common reason behind double timing. For a healthy relationship, the couple has to spend time together and keep the spark of love alive. If this is not visible in the man and is one sided, woman tend to get into double dating.

Often couple get bored, staying with each other. This is very common among young couples as they are not stable from mind. Too much of communication or fight can lead to boredom at an early stage which is not a healthy sign of relationship. Getting bored with same love, partner and talks make the woman go for another man. This is also common if the spark of love is not maintained.

Many women love to be felt needed and if she is felt needed in a man's life, she tends to fall for that man. Falling in and out of love is a part of nature of few women, a reason behind double dating, which makes them go for new love.

These reasons are most common for women to cheat by double dating or timing. Just building a relationship is not enough. The couple together has to nourish, maintain and develop their love to have a healthy relationship. A man shouldn't forget his love due to office tensions or personal burdens!

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