Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life After Being The Other Woman !!!

Life After Being The Other Woman - sad couple

Being the other woman in a marriage can be a very painful experience. Whatever be the reason, if you have involved yourself in an affair with a married man then life will throw up many problems. When an extra marital affair is discovered all the sympathy will go to the wife and all the blames will be your share of the sorrows in this threesome. So, brace yourself for it. Don't judge the fairness or unfairness of the situation but understand that you have to come out of this painful phase of being the other woman.
These love tips might come in handy for you when you are trying to rebuild your shattered life.
How To Fight The 'Being Other Woman' Tag?
  • There are many situations that lead to you having an extra marital affair. If you walked into it unknowingly you will still get all the blame for it. But remember that your conscious is clear. You were not responsible for ruining someone else's marriage. You were only a pawn in the cruel twist of fate.
  • If you knew about your boyfriend's marriage, things are more complicated but not all is lost. There may have been a thousand reasons why things turned out the way they did. You could have been on a rebound after a bad break up, you could have been depressed or frustrated etc. Whatever be the reason, face up to it and admit your mistake. Life from there on becomes easier.
  • Never live with the guilt of ruining someone's marriage. It will kill you with the load. If you had an affair with a married man then it was an extra marital affair for him, not for you. Which means that he was already unhappy with his marriage. It may not be a fault of the wife but why should you blame yourself for an adulterous man.
  • Never regret losing a man who was married. Today he was cheating on his wife, tomorrow he would cheat on you. It is pointless and dangerous to have an emotional affair with such a man. Consider it good riddance and thank your stars that you did not end up marrying him.
  • All the wrath of the cheated wife will break on you. You are the weakest link of this love triangle. It is easy to make you the scapegoat by putting all the blame on you. The betrayed wife is in a emotional turmoil of her own so you can't blame her for looking for an outlet. What you can do is avoid a direct confrontation. It is better for your self confidence and preservation of your self image that you don't hear the terrible things she is going to tell you.
There is a new life waiting for you even after being the other woman. Don't lose hope.

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