Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Plain Janes Get The Best Boyfriends?

Why Plain Janes Get The Best Boyfriends - beautiful man and woman

Who Is A Plain Jane?
Good question. She is that girl in your high school class photograph whose name you cannot remember or that girl in your neighbourhood who you have grown up with but never really known. In short she is simple, often shy girl with average looks and average brains. Mind it, we did not say she is a bimbo, just a not a genius. Typically on the quiet side of personality traits but her only renowned feature is that it is this girl who will marry your college heartthrob in future!

Most girls who are plain janes in school and college end up getting the best boyfriends and imagine the luck, these racy studs become dotting husband's to them while the prom queen most often marries a wife beater and has a miserable life! What is the cause for this?
Why Plain Janes Are Liked By Handsome Guys?

1. Easy Catch: 
She is that girl who has been ignored all her life and suddenly she gets the piece of the cake with the thickest icing! Obviously she is thrilled and totally star crossed. If the guy is careful and proves truly to be the best boyfriend then this hero worship like adoration can last a lifetime. All you have to do is seem interested and the she is yours.

2. Best Way To Avoid Ego Clashes:
Let us accept it, men have just as much vanity as woman. If a handsome guy were to date a drop dead gorgeous girl then his male ego would constantly clash with her vanity and girlie whims. It is so much better when you are the obvious one with the 'looks' while your girlfriend is totally grateful to you for choosing her.

3. Plain Janes Make Good Wives:
It is not just about being the best boyfriend to her, you will also have to keep marriage on the cards. Imagine a girl who stands first in class, beats you at chess and looks like a Victoria's Secrets bikini model as your wife. You will be constantly living under her shadow and she may even make you do the chores! As compared to the super woman, a girl who earns less than you, depends on you for her fashion statement and does not have too many airs is so much easier to manage for a lifetime.

4. Mismatched Couples Are Happier: 
It has often been seen or let us say it is myth that mismatched couples make more successful relationships. Their compatibility comes from their differences. Keeping that in mind there could really be a handsome guy who is not looking for physical beauty in his soul mate and just simplicity appeals to hime. That works too.

These are some of the reasons why most ordinary plain janes end up with your dream boy. But one woman's dream man is another woman's demon-lover so just take it in your stride.

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